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ICYMI is busy this week working on these 2011 season previews. The defense is mostly done. We’ve looked at the defensive line (it’s gonna be GOOD), the linebackers (they’re gonna be GOOD, too) and the defensive backfield (I sure hope they’ll be good). So this may be shorter than usual but here are a few stores that have caught my eye recently.

Hands are overrated. Speaking of those linebackers, everyone’s favorite recruit, Etienne Sabino has decided that something as insignificant as a broken hand isn’t going to stop him from seeing the field against Akron. In fact, he may just challenge the rest of his defensive teammates to play with one hand behind their backs. It’s only sporting.

The heart of it all. You already knew this, but it’s still fun to brag about: Ohio high school football produces a lot of college talent.

Ohio had 741 players on FBS rosters in 2009, according to a Tulsa World report. That ranked fourth nationally (behind Texas, California and Florida) and exceeded the combined totals of Michigan and Illinois (709). Pennsylvania was second in the Big Ten with 401.

Sure, Miami’s situation might be bad but: TATTOOS. USED CARS. EMAILS! You also already knew this, but it’s another drum that needs to be beaten down the streets of Bristol. From Ben Koo: ESPN And Traditional Media Have Apparently Swallowed Their Whistles

All this attention is going to go to his head. When has a third round draft pick ever received the kind of attention Terrelle Pryor has?

Humblebrag? And to finish up, Bob Hunter’s piece about the differences between Pryor and Ohio State freshman Braxton Miller is revealing.

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