Terrelle Pryor is an NFL player

Last Saturday, Terrelle Pryor held a pro-day in front of 17 NFL teams scouts and management. He ran a very impressive 4.36 40 yard dash which was the fastest of any player in either NFL draft this year. He worked out for 2 hours and threw a bevy of different passes to receivers he didn’t know, completing the vast majority of them. Many of the scouts came away with a better impression then they went in with. Would it be enough though to convince a team to draft him in today’s NFL supplemental draft (which was apparently held in some top secret location and couldn’t possibly be broadcast on any sports channel even though I currently have 40+ of them on my cable nor was it on NFL TV or NFL.com)? So I like everyone else had to wait for Twitter to erupt with clues or info.

The draft started at 1 PM and in the first 30 mins we had 2 rounds of nothing. I repeat it took the NFL 30 mins to do 2 rounds of NOTHING. In the 3rd round we got the news Terrelle was drafted by the OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!!! Are you fracking serious as if any of us couldn’t have guessed this would be the outcome weeks ago. At first all I could think was shame on the Cincinnati Bengals for not making a move and picking a guy with TPs athletic ability. I mean did anyone else see Andy Dalton on tv last night if he is the best they have to offer at the QB spot TP would have been at the least a decent back up. But alas Pryor is a Raider and he has few options either become the next Jemarcus Russell or the next Rich Gannon or be the first Terrelle Pryor. The future for him will be all his own making and it is time for him to step up and become the guy he always said he would be: an NFL QB starter.


  1. I don’t think the supplemental draft is really a televisable event. Teams just submit their pick to the commissioner and whoever has the highest pick gets the player. Unless you wanted to watch Roger Goodell read his e-mail for a couple of hours.

  2. That would have been awesome….. as it was they kept releasing the info one round at a time and since only 1 player was taken today in 7 rounds you would think they could have done that in 3 mins tops….. it took over an hour to give us info on all 7 rounds lol

  3. HA – are you KIDDING?!?

    I’d LOVE to watch Goodell’s inbox for a few hrs:

    From: Cincy
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: RE: Supplemental Draft

    Hi Rog – We’ll pass, thx.

    From: Buffalo
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: RE: Supplemental Draft

    Roger – We’ve decided to save our picks for the 2012 draft. V/r,

    From: A+ Escorts
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: RE: Bounced Checks



    From: Mom
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: Boil ointment

    Hi Rogie!! You’re dad has that rash back. What ointment did you recommend last time? You said it worked like a charm. Thanks! Loveyouforever!

    From: Oakland
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: RE: Supplemental Draft

    Mr. Goodell – We select Terrelle Pryor for the 3rd round.

    Oakland Raiders

    From: HotStudz
    To: Goodell, Roger
    Subject: Expiration of account

    Hey RogerGood69!! Just a friendly reminder that your subscription is due on 31 August, 2011. Don’t let it expire! Don’t miss a single day of our hunky stud updates!

    –HotStudz Mgt.

  4. @sportsMonkey – I LOL’ed

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