What would Luke Fickell Do?

The last full week before College Football’s blessed (cursed?) season is upon us. We are chomping at the bit (literally. We had to put one on SYR to calm him down.) for the season to start. This is our way of dealing with the wait: writing previews.

So this week we’ll roll out our defensive previews and follow those up with previews of the offensive side of the ball. This year, I’ve asked the writers to come at the topic from the point of view of a new coach, particularly one Luke Fickell (Man, how many times have I already typed Luck Fickell?). I imagine each writer will take a different approach. All I’m asking is “What would Luke Fickell do?”

Of course interspersed throughout the coming couple of weeks we’ll have some other goodies as well. Rest up, get all those household chores and honey-do lists done. It’s time for some football!

It’s a good time to be a Buckeye.


  1. Can someone please free me from this oppression known as El Kaiser….. I am in a 3 point stance and ready to explode off the line. The season cant get here fast enough….. 12 days left


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