NCAA reminds Ohio State that is still investigating… them

So around 4:30 this afternoon, I was busily minding my own business, trying to get work done when two instant messenger windows pop up simultaneously. Fellow MotSaG’ers SYR and Kade saw it fit to interrupt my unbelievable streak of productivity to let me know about the latest missive from ESPN’s Pot Feardy:

As Ohio State heads into its Friday meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions, it appears the university’s dealings with the NCAA over problems within its football program will not end there.

The NCAA notified Ohio State by letter last week that it is still investigating other issues involving the program.

The result could be a second notice of allegations and a second trip through the NCAA justice system.

The thing is… Look at that URL and then look at the title of the article.

I share the link with sportsMonkey who later asks me, “didn’t that title mention something about a notice of allegations? That would be rather surprising (and heart-stopping for some of us). But, in their overzealous glee, ESPN just threw that headline out there — a “second notice” of allegations. That initially may have been a stretch.

What I love about this article (that has been updated numerous times, with ABSOLUTELY NO indication of what was changed or when (something we bloggers are fastidious about)) is that initially it said that Ohio State officials were not going to comment on these new “rumors.” Truth is, Ohio State did plan on commenting on them. Just not to ESPN…

Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch told 10TV News on Wednesday that the school has not been notified by the NCAA of an investigation into “other issues” with the university’s football program.

(from 10TV)

ESPN is wearing its bias on its sleeve (this is not news) but it’s really starting to get ugly. They are kicking a hornets nest and Ohio State is starting to buzz a little louder.


  1. What is the likely outcome of Pryor deciding to kick OSU under the bus in order to make sure he was declared ineligible for the 2011 OSU football season, so as to be eligible for the supplemental draft. I can only see this selfish act from Pryor resulting in more sanctions for the OSU football program.

    • The outcome has already happened….Pryor was dismissed from the team.

      The team found out about it….and punished him. That is why he is in the supplemental draft.

      The reason OSU was sanctioned was because of Tressel’s dishonesty.

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