The Truth Shall Set You Free…

Forget the constant soap opera outrage of ESPN anchors spewing laughably misinformed opinions.  Ignore George Dohrmann’s poorly sourced and almost instantly debunked Sports Illustrated hit piece that attempted to expand the scope of players involved and paint former head coach Jim Tressel as a complete sham.  And skip the numerous breathless local and national stabs in the dark (“Tressel gave a recruit a personalized jersey…”) that don’t bother to offer the complete story (“…after he died.”)

Instead, take some time to peruse the NCAA’s Case Summary and the much longer but incredibly interesting transcript of their February interview with Tressel.  Clear your mind of the clutter that so many have tossed recklessly at you for the entire spring and summer and look at the provable and admitted facts, then make up your own mind about what happened.

You’ll have time while you’re waiting for ESPN’s outrage over this that I’m sure they’re just about to get to any minute now…

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