Ohio State haters everywhere are crying

According to the Columbus Dispatch the NCAA has told Ohio State today that they have found no new violations and that OSU will not face “failure to monitor” or “lack of institutional control” charges.

This is wonderful news for OSU as it goes along with OSU’s own findings that this case starts and stops with Jim Tressel. The NCAA investigated the Sports Illustrated story and determined that only one player of the nine committed violations. OSU has confirmed that is the already suspended player Dorian Bell. Bottom line as of today the penalties OSU gave themselves will be sufficient to the crimes they are charged with and if for some reason the NCAA were to enforce loss of scholarships or a post-season ban of any kind or amount Ohio State will have enough to fight those as unreasonable. Today is the kind of day Ohio State fans need. It will make the next few months a lot easier to go through as we wait for the NCAA to confirm what we all know…..

The sky isn’t falling.

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