Auburn, Cam Newton heading for trouble?

July is always one of the slowest months for us here at MotSaG (as our archives will attest). That’s usually because it is historically not a busy month, Buckeye-wise or college football-wise.

Of course, that is not the case this year with all that has happened to the Buckeyes this off-season. Now things are heating up on other campuses. LSU was given a paddling from the NCAA principal and now it looks like Auburn could be in trouble.

Oh, this could be delicious for Buckeye fans:

Paul Finebaum had the USA Today’s Danny Sheridan on as a guest this afternoon, and Sheridan says the NCAA thinks it has found the bag man who helped Auburn pay for Cam Newton.

Sheridan closes by saying the “they [the NCAA] think they know the third party, and they think they know the party that put up the money.” That means the NCAA is looking at two entities here: someone who allegedly financed this alleged deal and someone who allegedly carried out this alleged deal. If the NCAA can remove the four “allegedly” instances out of that statement, Auburn’s in deep trouble.

(via Team Speed Kills)

Of course, as sportsMonkey points out on Google+, ESPN is ALL OVER THIS.

(Yes, we know ESPN’s URL is but the point remains. There is no mention of this on ESPN’s main page. Had these allegations been made against OSU, you know they’d be EVERYWHERE.)


  1. I am not one for conspiracy theories but…

    If Jim Delaney didn’t thumb his nose at ESPN and not extend the Big Ten’s contract with ESPN I don’t believe ESPN would be hammering OSU as bad as they have.

    I also believe that Jim Tressels faith played a huge part in the media coverage which forced him out.

    With all that said…..I hope Auburn burns.

  2. Quit Whining says

    Auburn’s not gonna burn. How many other ridiculous stories, allegations, and tapes can people on the Finebaum show come up with that just proves to be allegations without any real substance. Quit Whining and Get over it. Auburn Is The National Champs!!!! War Damn

  3. sportsMonkey says

    @quitwhining – just like Finebaum didn’t spend weeks taking about every single unproven hearsay rumor involving OSU and the entire SEC nation take every allegation as golden?

    Bottom line: there is no way on God’s green earth that it’s possible for Newton’s father to get caught shopping him around (an fact undisputed by Newton or Auburn) and for Newton to not know about it. Just because nobody’s been able to prove it yet doesn’t mean that we all stopped being critical thinkers.

    The bottom line is this: Newton, Ms St, and Auburn are exploiting a technicality and humiliating the NCAA. You honestly don’t think that’s going to piss them off?

    With every post, comment, article, and Finebaum show, the fans like you that are perpetuating the ‘he’s innocent’ myth are only ensuring that your beloved program’s inevitable doom draws ever closer.

  4. It’s not like Danny Sheridan is some goofball Finebaum caller. He’s a well-respected analyst and oddsmaker employed by USA Today. Pawwwlll brought up the topic to him and he told him what he heard from a long-time source he clearly trusts implicitly.

    Here’s another logic puzzle for the Auburn fans:

    It is a fact that Cecil Newton tried to get Mississippi State (or those connected to it) to pay for Cam’s services. It is a fact that Miss. St. was where Cam wanted to be. It is a fact that he instead went to Auburn. Why wouldn’t Cam have gone to his preferred school for $0 instead of a different school for $0? Especially if he was completely unaware that money was ever an issue?

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