Vacation vs. Forfeiture: A Primer for Michigan Fans

Today, Ohio State responded to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations by recommending two years probation and the vacation of all wins from the 2010 season.  Michigan fans responded to this news by doing what Wolverines do best: getting things wrong.  Thanks to the marvelous Openbook (and my own personal newsfeed), I present a sampling of what Those Up North think just happened:

We’ll start with the most egregious historical revision, that the vacation somehow means that Ohio State lost the game.  Even in the official record this will not be the case, as the game will simply be considered to never have happened.  To reiterate for the fellow above:  The 12 wins are not being converted to losses; they are being erased entirely.


Similarly, a number of UM fans (see below) think that the vacation will magically convert their loss into a win.  Again, this is not what is happening.  That would be a forfeit.  I find it a bit sad that this particular fan apparently wants to lose again this year and then have that loss vacated.  I find it more sad that he used to live down the street from me.

The winky emoticon makes me think this guy knows that he’s wrong.  The hat and goatee make me think that he doesn’t.

This guy pulls off the rare feat of making me laugh both at him and with him.  Well played, sir.


Again, not a forfeit.  At least the second guy seems to get that this is a non-event.  And also he can spell “forfeit.”

These guys were on the right track but just missed it.  And seriously, Guy Who I Hope Just Rented That Uniform, a paper win would constitute an ass-kicking in your world?

And finally we come to the matter of the record.  While Michigan did technically have a better record than Ohio State last year, our new record is 0-1, not 0-12 (note that this guy even managed to be incorrect wrong; forfeiture would result in an 0-13 record).

Class dismissed.

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