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Last week was vacation week for la Familia del Kaiser and I completely unplugged from pretty much everything. No Internet, no Twitter, no blogs, nothing. Heck, I didn’t even find out the Dallas Mavericks had won the NBA Championship until late Monday morning when I saw the local paper. It was a nice break. We spent our time in Virginia Beach and I made sure I represented the Buckeyes each day with another scarlet and grey t-shirt. More than once I was met with a “Go Bucks” from a fellow fan. It was nice to meet all you wonderful Buckeyes out in the Virginia Beach area.

I decided that I wouldn’t really worry too much about catching up on old news. But I couldn’t let all the news fall by the wayside.

Besides, some of this is good news.

Hey! What’s that over there?! We’ve been waiting for a while for the spotlight to be taken off our team and shone on someone else’s team. Let’s see what rats scatter when they’re under the scrutiny that Ohio State has had to bear. Most people think other schools are going to crumble. First up is the Oregon Ducks and their twenty-five thousand dollar recruiting report:

A national recruiting package purchased by Oregon in February 2010 that included the player profiles for 140 players with the heading “Player Profile 2011” is made up of virtually all 2009 high school graduates.

I know it’s not good form to take pleasure in other peoples problems, but after being beat down it’s only natural. Who’s next?

Do you moisturize? I have a good idea how some Buckeyes got “good deals” on their cars. Think Bernie Mac in Oceans’ Eleven, only Thaddeus Gibson will be playing the part as Bernie. But dealerships are in the business to make money, and the sweetheart deals that so many people couldn’t stop talking about look like they’re almost all on the level:

Ohio State University on Tuesday dropped its review of car purchases by football players and family members after two separate investigations found dealerships made money on almost all of the sales.

Tressel Fallout. This doesn’t fall under the “good news” umbrella, but it’s something the team and specifically the coaches are going to deal with: recruiting just got a lot tougher with the threat of sanctions. One of the prized recruits from the 2012 class, Kyle Kalis, has decommitted from Ohio State after Tressel’s resignation. Ejuan Price, a member of the 2011 class also asked to be released from his Letter of Intent. While Price’s reasons were not because of Tressel’s resignation or the future of the program, we can only expect things to get worse before they get better.

Come and see where Mondello did land! I don’t know what to think about ESPN’s airing of the special Jon Gruden/Terrelle Pryor Circus Sideshow (“QB Camp” ). I have no problem with Gruden, he’s a FOTP, but how can Pryor, after being viciously skewered and absolutely vilified by ESPN suddenly agree to this? Will it be The Decision, Part Two? Are you going to watch?

And there was rejoicing. Word out of a few different places is that Jordan Hall is moving to WR. This, of course, is an answer to all us Jaamal Berry fans’ prayers that he’d get as many carries as possible. This is also good for Hall. Envisioning him in a Percy Harvin-like role is exciting.

Misc: If Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t have this on shelves by the time Parks and Recreation starts its next season, there’s something wrong in this world we live in.

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