This is why ESPN is destroying sports

Seriously, this is why it sucks to be passionate about a team. Why does it always have to be about what you hate about your opponents? Why can’t it be about what you like about your own team. I’ll admit to being one of those guys who doesn’t boo the other team. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see Ohio State CRUSH Michigan on every single down every single year. But why the hate? Why is ESPN so willing to incite this hate, under the guise of “trash talking”?

We’ve seen it the past three months, but even more so the past three days. The absolute glee and joy people are taking in Jim Tressel’s downfall is downright sad. I guess any time they can take away from looking at their own team and beating down another is time well spent, I guess.

But, since we can’t beat ’em, we’ll join them. I filled the survey out, only from the point of view of a Penn State fan (sorry in advance for the language):

I guess some things will never change.


  1. I am going to fill it out for every single team. Every response will be of the form “[team nickname]? More like [as infantile a parody of the nickname as I can think of]!”

    For example: “Buckeyes? More like SUCK-eyes!”

    You reap what you sow, ESPN.

    p.s. I think I’ll leave Michigan blank, for the obvious implication.

  2. Heh. OSU is at its lowest point in years and we’re still not as low as PSU.

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