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We’re back with another edition of the often imitated, never duplicated ICYMI. ICYMI is a semi-regular news roundup post here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray dot com where we post links to the various Buckeye news stories that have popped up since the last one. A eclectic mix of Ohio State football, basketball and whatever other sport is in season for your consumption with a smattering of other fun stuff.

Bowls, yep we got ’em. First off, we must give a tip of the hat to the Wizard of Odds for the work he’s been doing uncovering the seedy underbelly of the financials of the sacred Bowl Games. Start here and then go to the main site and keep scrolling. This isn’t new to readers of Death to the BCSbut definitely has more detail.

Bowls! What are they good for? In addition to that, The Big Lead Sports has a good article wondering who the Bowls are good for (here’s a hint: one cable network broadcasts 33 of them).

Where are they now? During the summer, we’re going to try a new series of posts here at MotSaG that will fill you in on what former Buckeyes are doing in their lives. You can start with this story about
Donnie Nickey and his Restaurant.

We’re Linebacker U. Yeah, we said it. We know it gets those prickly Penn State fans all fired up, but Tyler over at Along the Olengtangy makes the case that Ohio State’s Linebackers may be the best in the country. We would agree.

It is a school, afterall. Congratualtions to the 523 Buckeye student athletes honored as “Scholar-Athletes for this past school year. You can see the entire list beating Baylor to make it to the NCAA semifinals before falling to Virginia. So close.

Along with Men’s Tennis, we also want to point out Ohio State’s Baseball comeback this afternoon after rallying back from down three to beat Minnesota, 5 to 3, in the first game of the Big Ten Tournament.

We hate those Dukies, BABY. Last week it was announced that Ohio State’s opponent in the Big Ten/ACC challenge will be Duke. The game is scheduled for November 29th, smack dab between the Michigan Game and the Big Ten Championship Game. That is going to be one heck of a week (hopefully) for Buckeye fans.

Also, the Twittering Buckeyes page has been updated, and is finally in alphabetical order.


  1. Good update, el K… we’ve got The Wiz of Odds on our podcast tomorrow to talk about the bowl situation and the huge impact finances have on college athletics.

  2. Thanks, Mali. I don’t know if you’ve read Death to the BCS, but it makes me sick. The amount of money is staggering and the way it’s set up is a sham. I look forward to listening to the podcast!

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