I remember the day like it was yesterday. The day was a Monday November 6, 1995. I was working with my Dad at a company whose name I wont use out of shame. I was hiding in his office trying to avoid working. I picked up the Columbus Dispatch sports section and I saw a little article that said there were tickets still available for an OSU football game. I called the number and told them I wanted to buy 2 tickets to the game. The nice lady on the other end of the phone asked me for my Credit Card # and I politely said lady I am 20 years old and I don’t even have a bank account. I then looked at my dad and begged him to give me his CC. After 5 minutes of begging he conceded. The nice lady sold me 2 tickets at a cost of 26 dollars each tax and fees included. She told me I could pick up the tickets at the Will Call window any time I wanted. I decided to fake an illness and go home early where I picked up my friend and roommate and we drove down to the office and got our tickets.

The tickets turned out to be in the South stands when they were those old erector set of recycled aluminum soda cans. The day of the game we went down early to soak up as much atmosphere as we could after all it was our first game ever. We went to Skull Session and we drank alcohol at several places that didn’t care how old we were. I remember walking into the gates of the ‘Shoe and crying my eyes out. I was living a dream I had had for years as a child. I remember wearing shorts and a T-shirt and not caring what the weather would be that day. Turns out it would be a fricking horrible weather day it was windy and cold and rainy and snowy. We arrived at our seats feeling very warm I assume from the alcohol. We then watched as TBDBTL performed and they dotted the “i”. We booed when the Illini team took to the field. We Cheered when OSU came out of the tunnel louder then I had ever heard anything in my short life. Then something magical happened Eddie George took over the game he ran for 314 yards that day and OSU crushed Illinois 41-3 on the back of Eddie. That is my greatest memory of Eddie George and just possibly the greatest running game any OSU player has ever had. Eddie won the Heisman that year but really he won it that day. He also won a lifetime fan…… That day was November 11, 1995.

Today is May 16th, 2011 it is my Fathers birthday it is also the day that the College Football Hall of Fame announced Eddie George will be inducted to the HOF. There is no doubt in my mind that my father helped me to become the Huge OSU fan I am today and without him I wouldnt have been able to sit in those rickety old metal stands in the South End of the ‘Shoe and watch my first game there and witness what is to this day the greatest day ever for a Buckeye runner. It is very fitting for me personally that today on my Dads birthday we both get to talk about the greatest RB in my lifetime as an OSU football fan. Thanks Dad for the tickets that I promised to pay for but never did. Thank You Eddie for memories I will never forget. Congrats to both of you for a truly wonderful day to celebrate for 2 completely different reasons that will forever be intertwined in my life.


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