Spring Game thoughts

I’ve had a few days to mull on the topic (read: I was lazy in getting this post up over the weekend and then fell into a food coma on Easter Sunday) so these may seem disjointed, but maybe being a few days removed from the Spring Game will do good.

Let’s just jump right into the bullets:

  • Some might not like the comparison but I thought Braxton Miller looked like a young Donovan McNabb. Very similar shape and build, with quick feet and good at changing directions. He also looks strong and compact. I think he’s going to do just fine behind center in Ohio State’s offense. He’ll be the starter by the Miami game.
  • If I had to rank the QB’s base on their performance, I would say Miller, Taylor Graham, Kenny Guiton, the waterboy, Brutus, the last guy to dot the I and Joe Bauserman. Sorry, Joe. I love the guy, he has put in his time to be a Buckeye but I just can’t see him leading this team to a 4-1 or even 3-2 start.

    Which means, of course, he’ll be the starter, no questions asked.

  • T. Y. Williams has to be the most intriguing new guy to me. His size has me dreaming of a 2011 version of another tall, lanky wide receiver. (I feel the Holy Spirit every time I watch that clip.)
  • On defense, there weren’t a lot of surprises to me. It’s nice to know that once again Ohio State will be fielding another defensive line. That line is going to be fine, anchored by John Simon in the middle and Nathan Williams on the edge. And of course we all love Hungry Hungry Hankins. They are going to be called upon early and often to keep us in games.
  • Linebackers? Yeah, we got them. We are Linebacker U, after all. While I was impressed with Etienne Sabino,
    who seemed to be around the ball everywhere the ball was, Jordan Whiting really surprised me. He seemed to have a second and third gear and was flying everywhere. Very silver-bullety.

I’ll bring the poll back for this post, with Braxton currently in the lead. What did you see in the Spring Game that has you anxious? Excited?

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