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Alright, maybe it’s time for a little non-Tressel news. Here are a few things you might be interested in.

TBDBITL: I recently received an email from a third year member of the Ohio State marching band’s drumline, also called JI-Row. He emailed to let me know that four of his fellow TBDBITL drummers put together a video for a Red Bull marketing contest.

While he acknowledged it’s all just a greedy marketing ploy on behalf of Red Bull he also said that if the OSU Marching Band team wins this competition they’ll have a chance to represent The Ohio State University in the final competition in Brazil.

That’s something we MotSaG’ers can get behind. We love our band and appreciate all the time and energy they give to entertain us and support the football team. Let’s help our JI-Row drummers get an awesome trip AND an opportunity to show the world the amazing side of Ohio State.

(As a side effect, we can also put the beat down on some Big Ten schools.)

Here’s a link to the voting page

Here’s a link to the YouTube video (I’ve embedded the video after the break.)

Finally their Facebook page.

Just leave Urban (my dad) ALONE: No matter what Beano Cook says (seriously, the guy’s name is Beano), Urban Meyer isn’t coming to Ohio State. At least until he does.

Just leave Vernon ALONE: You big meany, Rex Ryan.

Baby Ironhead: Fellow blogger Annapolisbuckeye scored an interview with Cameron Heyward to discuss, among other things, his future in the NFL.

MotSaG Site News: The Twittering Buckeyes Page was updated recently and is constantly in flux. A few of us have decided to change our nom de blog to our real names (so you’ll all take us seriously!) so here’s your program so you can tell who’s who:

Johnny Utah is Kade
Cloud of Dust is Jason
YNBA is Alex
Sylvester-Yon Rambo is Jeremiah

For now, el Kaiser will still be el Kaiser (but I’m really Tony) and sportsMonkey will continue to be an enigma. New posts from these guys will now sport their real names.

What Madden Curse? – Finally, we normally don’t discuss The Browns too much here (we’ll leave that to our friends over at Waiting For Next Year) but I am a long-suffering Browns fan, so it’s nice to see that Peyton Hillis (football personified) will be gracing this year’s cover of EA’s Madden 12. Is it hot in here, or is it just him? Vernon who? (via MikeAmmo)

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