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Are you looking to pawn or sell? Last night’s episode (“Pablo Pawncasso”) of History Channel’s hit, Pawn Stars, featured the selling of the hallowed Gold Pants. The seller, who claimed he bought the two pair from a collector, wanted a cool $2,500 for the two pair. The pants were from the 2002 victory over Michigan and from 2008. The initials (Gold Pants are personalized) were “L B” (2002) and “D W” (2008).

The seller wasn’t sure who “L B” was but was pretty sure “D W” was none other than Doug Worthington. Dougie’s got a drawer full of them, so one pair isn’t going to be missed. MotSaG’s own SYR did a little detective work on who “L B” was and found a “LeAndre Boone” who was on the 2002 team. He was also one of the players who corroborated Maurice Clarett’s “claims” against Ohio State. Apparently they didn’t mean much to him, either.

For the record, Doug Worthington said he gave his gold pants to family members and doesn’t think they’d sell them. Donald Washington, the other “D W,” said he, “had all his gold pants.” Either way, one of them is a liar, liar pants on fire.

(Or, maybe they belonged to Derrelle Wryor, knowhatimean?)

In the end, the seller got two large.

FWIW, this picture showed up in my wife’s Facebook stream from one of her friends who was at the aforementioned Pawn Shop in Las Vegas back in March. Not sure if they were the same but it would make sense.

Happy Trails. Duron Carter, wayward Buckeye son, after playing the 2010 season at Kansas’ Coffeyville Community College has transferred to Alabama to join the Crimson Tide in their title hunt this upcoming season. He had his chances here and we know how that turned out. I hope they have four different people making sure he goes to class and does his homework at Alabama because he’s Saban’s headache now. I wish him well.

No I don’t. I hope he never sees the field.

Camo Hats. Ohio State will be sporting Camouflage helmets during the Spring Game (that isn’t really going to be a Spring Game) in honor of the military.

It’s all a misunderstanding. Former Buckeye (and hero to all Buckeyes for forcing Tom Brady to wear an OSU jersey) Mike Vrabel is having a little legal trouble himself.

GQ Style. This is just a reminder that Malcolm Jenkins is (and will always be) more stylish than you.

MotSaG Tourney Pick’em. Congrats go out to MikeG who edged out Ohiowhitesnake to take the Pick’em championship for 2011. Everyone’s bracket was broken by the Sweet Sixteen but MikeG’s was less broke than most. Nice work.

Sad face. Speaking of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Click this and cry

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