The Road to the Final Four (in a Buick)

So I mentioned earlier this week that I had some big news to announce concerning the Final Four. This is it. Buick (the official NCAA partner of Human Achievement) is choosing fan sites of teams with a chance to make it to the Final For and offering them two tickets to the Final Four if their team of choice makes it.

Much to utter flabbergastion and surprise, they have chosen your humble home for Buckeye fans, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, as the Buckeye representative. I was pretty much floored when I got the invite.

They were gracious enough to let me select the second person to go with me if the Buckeyes makes the Final Four. They suggested I be creative in the selection. Well, if you didn’t already know, I am a happily married man that was just offered possibly one of the best vacations of all time. So yeah, Mrs. Kaiser is coming. That’s as creative as it gets around here, people. I promise a fellow MotSaG’er will be invited next time. Promise!

Buick also asked that I share with you Buckeye faithful some of what Buick is doing and their involvement in the Tournament and how you can get involved:

Buick is creating The Human Highlight Reel, a growing online archive to document and celebrate the amazing stories of human achievement with student-athletes, alums and fans. You can check out the Human Highlight Reel at You can also submit your own story of a former student-athlete for the Human Highlight Reel.

For fans, there is an exclusive Buick-NCAA Team Badge application found on the Buick Human Highlight Reel tab on Buick’s Facebook page, which allows college basketball fans to post a college-specific March Madness badge on their profile to show support for their team. The app is accessible exclusively through Buick’s Facebook page and will keep a tally of the number of fans for each team.

Buick has also started Buick Achievers, a $4.5 million annual GM Foundation-funded scholarship program designed to recognize and reward 1,100 students who demonstrate excellence in both the community and the classroom. It will provide 100 outstanding students who major in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, marketing, business administration or other related fields with up to $25,000 a year, for up to four years. More information can be found at

So please go and check those sites out and make sure you get your Facebook OSU badge because Ohio State is currently #3, and that’s not right. Let’s get them up to #1 where they belong (also, if you aren’t already, you can also be a fan of MotSaG while you’re there).

So needless to say, I am beside myself. I am like a kid on Christmas Eve, anxiously awaiting these next two games.


(Full Disclosure: Buick asked me that if I accept this offer, they want me disclose that Buick is providing me with the tickets for this opportunity. So there it is.)


  1. That’s pretty awesome. I don’t even have anything further to add to that.

  2. Well, congratulations!

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