Presented Without Much Comment

This is just the kind of data people like me find interesting. It doesn’t really mean anything, but still…

Among the BCS conferences:
Conference: Teams remaining in NCAA tournament/teams originally in tournament (percentage); Total wins – wins/team

ACC:  3/4  – 75%; 7 total wins – 1.75 wins/team
SEC: 2/5 – 40%;  4 total wins – 0.8 wins/team
Big Ten: 2/7 – 28.6%; 7 total wins – 1 win/team
Pac 10: 1/4 – 25%; 4 total wins – 1 win/team
Big XII: 1/5 – 20%; 4 total wins – 0.8 wins/team
Big East: 2/11 –  18.2%; 9 total wins – 0.65 wins/team

So at least the ACC has basketball going for it. Which is nice.


  1. ACC!!!! ACC!!!!! ACC!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t quite work does it?

    Go BUCKS!!!!!

  2. Dear Big (L)East,

    Thank you for doing what many in the business like to call “crapping the bed”.

    9 Wins out of 11 teams with only 2 advancing to the Sweet 16? And neither of those were your top seeded teams.

    -Fans of conferences that don’t suck at Basketball (Excluding Purdue)

  3. sportsMonkey says

    @Eric – and don’t forget those two only advanced by beating in-conference (big east) opponents…

  4. Good point Monkey. That conference is a disaster

  5. I actually expected the numbers to look worse for the Big (L)east and SEC and better for the B1G. But I figured once I started the post maybe I should finish it, even if it didn’t fit with my initial assumptions.


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