Tressel to sit out first five games, too

Johnny mentioned this in the comments of his post on the appeal results for the Tat-5, but it deserves its own post. From the Columbus Dispatch:

Ohio State and football coach Jim Tressel announced tonight that he will serve a five-game suspension for his role in the scandal that brought major NCAA violations to the university’s door.

The announcement came moments after the NCAA denied Ohio State’s appeal to reduce the five-game suspensions of five football players for selling memorabilia and accepting discounts on tattoos, a violation of the NCAA extra benefits rule.

Tressel had been suspended for two games and fined $250,000 by the university for his own violations, which came to light last week. A source told The Dispatch that it was his decision to increase his suspension to five games; his fine will remain the same.

“Throughout this entire situation my players and I have committed ourselves to facing our mistakes and growing from them; we can only successfully do that together,” Tressel said in a statement. “Like my players, I am very sorry for the mistakes I made. I request of the university that my sanctions now include five games so that the players and I can handle this adversity together.”

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said in a statement: “I have accepted his request and we are taking action to notify the NCAA. Until the NCAA has completed its investigation, we will not be publicly discussing the details of this case.”


  1. sportsMonkey says

    Another classy surprise move by the Vest.

    Now we’ll have something to retort the pretentious UM fans with. RichRod never missed a minute for his major NCAA violation.

    Although, headlines should read “Tressel Benches Himself for Not Performing to Buckeye Standards,” because we all know in a year or so the haters will all start claiming ‘your coach is such a criminal the NCAA suspended him for five games hurr durr…’

  2. Coach Tressel just proved that he is still the beloved coach we know. Very classy move as sportsMonkey stated. Let all the haters say what they want. Tressel will prove it out on the field before and after.

    *Making a post after 7am is better! No spelling/corrections needed!

  3. Cloud of Dust says

    The haters will probably say that Tressel is lazy and jumped at the chance to coach fewer games.

  4. Jay Roubini says

    The thing is if you turn your school into a national laughingstock you go. I don’t care what pressure JT was under from bowl game humiliations when he recruited these morons, it still results in the metaphorical deal with the devil. Tat-5 more interested in opening doors to some tattoo parlor than opening a school book. Well the results show poor judgement all the way down the line and a coaching staff of old Tressel cronies not capable of managing a big time college program. The NCAA investigation once complete may set this program back years and similar to what the Fab-5 did to it’s school.

  5. jay, selling gold pants for tats, is it really that big a deal for everyone to blow this up about? neither should be punished too much for that nonsense, look at the bright side cause if the NCAA removes Tressel from the practice field too then maybe we can enjoy some games without him running his choke-ball 60’s style offense for at least 5 games anyway. plus we get to check out a new QB how refreshing after being forced to listen to a doof like Pryor.

  6. Jay,

    The people that turned the school into a national laughing stock wasn’t Jim Tressel or the kids that sold their own property 3 years ago.

    If you want someone to blame, blame ESPN, Yahoo Sports, CNNSI, Fox Sports, ETC…

    When this report came out, there was NOTHING going on in the sports world. No wonder they jumped all over this.

    “Tat-5 more interested in opening doors to some tattoo parlor than opening a school book.”

    That’s a cute little line except for the fact that the “ring leader” of the tat-5 Terrelle Pryor was an All Big Ten Academic Award Winner….


  7. Jay Roubini says

    Mr Utah,

    I have no doubt the athlete is pulling a 3.0 in intro level courses or something comparable. Not to demean the athlete…er I mean “student athlete”, but lets keep the GPA accolades in perspective. As a post-grad doctorate I would prefer to give accolades to the real student athletes at schools like Stanford or non-scholarship Ivy League schools.
    Maybe if the young man had say majored in Biochem, Engineering, Education, perhaps a science/math related field but we’ve all as Carl points out sadly endured. While Tressel filed a false compliance report in September, your right Johnny in pointing out this all transpired some years ago thanks, now you get back to chewing on that corn dog.

  8. Hey Johnny,

    Unlike Bruce Pearl, there’s a vest on this “Dead Man Walking”.

  9. Still playing that ostrich card I see

  10. 2004 Michigan 21 Ohio State 37
    2005 Michigan 21 Ohio State 25
    2006 Michigan 39 Ohio State 42
    2007 Michigan 3 Ohio State 14
    2008 Michigan 7 Ohio State 42
    2009 Michigan 10 Ohio State 21
    2010 Michigan 7 Ohio State 37

  11. You’re living in the past. 2011 – No Vest, no Toilet Paper for tOSU

  12. Wow and I thought women can whine. Let the field do the talking guys. Thank you Johnny! Just made my blah evening bright. Lovin’ the domination!

  13. Johnny Utah says


    Won’t matter if all five players and Tressel are suspended for the rest of next year….

    OSU still beats UM by 30.

  14. Jay,

    Sorry, I didn’t see your reply until now. While I am keeping his academic accolades in perspective, I certainly didn’t compare him to a doctor, engineer or biochem major.

    I merely pointed out the fact that your comment regarding the education of some on the Ohio State football team is simply not true and almost certainly born out of your own ignorance….doesn’t take a post grad doctorate to figure that out slugger.

    Is Terrelle Pryor the sharpest tool in the shed? No…but guess what Jay…neither are you.

  15. Gretchen, Johnny & Jay,

    No whinning on my part. Just offering up some facts. We had our joke (RR) and he’s gone. You got your liar Dead Man Walking, and he will soon be gone. As far as Toilet Paper not being the sharpest tool in the shed; wow, that’s a brilliant observation. And, Jay: Finally someone that can intelligently discuss a topic without being blinded by the scarlet & grey haze.

  16. Me Mad? Ask Alfred E. Newman. Oh Johnny, you are a hoot! Face it, the Vest is going, going, gone. I know it and you won’t admit it. I’m just as happy as a pig in sh–!!

  17. Care to make it interesting?

  18. Sure, always Love a challenge!

    2 words: Trey Burke – thx.

  19. Trey Burke wasn’t even being recruited by Ohio State….enjoy your mediocre PG.

    We need terms…

  20. That’s a clever way of saying he wasn’t interested in tOSU.

    Terms . . . sure, suggestions??

  21. Jay Roubini says

    Mr. Utah,

    My “ignorance”, are you not the goof all along defending Pryor’s legacy? I think it says it all in that TP sold his sportsmanship award from the Fiesta Bowl for cash and tattoos. Anyone with half a brain KNEW this guy would get caught up in something sooner or later. Those with a clue felt uncomfortable from the start how JT sold out to this kid and now appears covered up for him. We’ll remember Pryor all right, as the guy who sent JTs Ohio State Program back to the stone ages and turned Tressel into the poster child for hypocrisy outside Buckeye Nation.

  22. Tell me Johnny: Is it the cover-up or the numerous lies that can’t be covered up? Just curious. Youngstown State to MC to TP, What a great day to be a Bucknut, eh?

  23. Jay Roubini says


    johnny may have taken a header off the Nationwide building but from the ashes all Bucknuts will arise, beware.

  24. Suicide jokes are funny, funny stuff.

  25. I have been warned

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