MotSaG 2011 NCAA Tournament Pick’Em

We’ll be doing the annual MotSaG NCAA Tournament Pick’Em again and we’d love to have you join us.

If you participated in last year’s contest, then you should be automatically re-invited. If you didn’t participate last year but would like to get in on the fun this year, drop a comment here (or hit us up on the Contact Form) and we’ll send you along an invite. A Yahoo! account will be needed.

Good luck! (And yes, you will be mocked for not penciling in Ohio State to the Championship game. The mocking will be so strong you’ll probably want to pack up your family and move to Tennessee.)


  1. Apparently I didn’t participate last year. But send me the info if you definitely need someone to finish last.

  2. I am in for the win…… I got Vanderbilt winning it all 🙂

  3. Please enter me in this fun-fest. Thanks.

  4. Cloud of Dust says

    I also did not participate last year, but would like to make Bacon feel good about himself this year.

  5. Spafticus says

    Please send me the info. Thanks!

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