Gracious winners!

I will leave it to Thad Matta and the mens Buckeye basketball team to say all the right things after the Buckeyes just won their second straight B1G conference tourney. I am still upset over the lack of hardware the guys brought home from the media and coaches award show. I wonder how Jajuan Johnson and Matt Painter enjoyed being home today polishing those trophys they didnt earn? In the meanwhile the Buckeyes sewed up more trophies for their trophy case that they earned the hard way they played for them. No politics played in these trophies. The best thing about the B1G tournament for me is it gives us the ability to beast scUM and PSU 3 times in one season. There isnt many things better than that. So congrats to the Buckeyes for proving they were the best team in the B1G this year and that they had the best players in the B1G as well as the Best Coach.

On a side note I just saw the East Region Bracket and it looks like it will set up nicely for OSU to make a run to the Final Four. OSU has an early match up against either Texas- San Antonio or Alabama St. who have to play their way into playing OSU. The second round game for OSU is against either George Mason or Villanova both teams are good but easily beatable. In the 3rd round if the 4th seeded team wins their first 2 round game we will face Kentucky which will be tough but doable. Lastly the 2nd seed is North Carolina and the 3rd seed is Syracuse. If those teams win out and OSU does as well then one of them would play OSU in the Elite 8. Lastly in the Final 4 if Duke wins out they would play OSU if both no 1 seeds win out that is.

Overall OSU got the no.1 One Seed and I think got an actual pretty awesome grouping. The first 2 rounds for OSU will be in Cleveland and the next 2 rounds will be in Newark NJ.

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