The Sky is Blue; Water is Wet

Ohio State beat Michigan at sports. Again.

With today’s 68-61 victory over the bad guys, the Buckeyes moved to 35-5 against the Wolverines in the top three sports (Football, Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball) under current coaches. Even if you’re one of those people who want Michigan to be good for the sake of the rivalry, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty awesome.

Today’s game played out like a lot of our basketball games do: Close for 25-30 minutes, Ohio State pulls away, opponent catches up but falls short. It’s always a little scary on those rare occasions when individual players get into early foul trouble since, as you may have heard once or twice, we’re not very deep. Aaron Craft and David Lighty spent a good deal of the first half on the bench after picking up a pair each, but Deshaun Thomas and Jordan Sibert filled in fine. If there’s anything to worry about in the Big One though, that would be it.

Tomorrow brings the Big Ten Championship game against Penn State, who just ousted Michigan State 61-48. It will be the Nittany Lions’ first appearance in the game.


  1. Top three sports are Football, Men’s Basketball, and Men’s Ice Hockey… your choice seems to be based on what Ohio State is capable of beating Michigan at lately…

  2. Cloud of Dust says

    Actually I was going by the sports that people actually seem to pay attention to. Using your three, Ohio State’s current coaches are 24-4 against Michigan. Happy?

  3. hahahahaha Red you just got SERVED

  4. Nice parry, Cloud. That was a thing of beauty.

    Someone might come along complaining that you didn’t compare golf or tennis or badminton records, though – just a heads-up.

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