Sick and Tired

Let me put in this precursor: if you like posts with fancy pictures and great links stop, reading now. If you hate when Buckeye fans whine and complain, stop reading now. If by chance you are a Big Ten coach or voting media member stop reading now.

Another Big Ten sports award ceremony and another knife in the back from the media and coaches in the B1G. First, let me tackle my complaint about the Men’s B1G basketball coach of the year. Neither the media or the coaches gave the award to Thad Matta and instead both gave the award to Matt Painter of Purdue. The excuse I have heard most for why he was their choice for the award was that he had a team not stacked with talent and had to deal with the loss of Robbie Hummel AGAIN. Then I go to the All-B1G awards and see Purdue is the only team with 2 consensus players on the first team of both the coaches and the media in JaJuan Johnson and E’Twan Moore and they had an Honorable Mention on both lists in Lewis Jackson. On top of that they had the defensive player of the year and the best player on both lists in JaJuan Johnson but I will get to that later. Needless to say, Purdue was not lacking in talent and maybe he overcame the loss of Hummel but honestly the guy is hurt so much no one can remember if he was that good to be missed. So, yes, I am sick and tired of hearing the same, “OSU always gets the best recruits and has the best facilities and has the most upside” BS as to why people can’t seem to vote for Thad Matta or Jim Tressel for COY. Matta and the Buckeyes finished 29-2 and won the outright B1G title while dominating a league designated one of the best conferences in the country this year. So I say to you B1G coaches and media guys who couldn’t allow yourselves to vote for Matta to be the COY of the year: SCREW YOU.

Next, the Player of the Year award. I am less angry at this award so I won’t write as much but I will say this to JaJuan Johnson: congrats on winning the individual award in a team based sport. I would have loved for Sully to win the award for all he has done this year but wouldn’t trade it for the 2nd place finish Purdue has and the B1G championship Sully has.

First team All-B1G is an area I am extremely angry about. Not that more Buckeyes didn’t make it, I am fine with that. I am angry that on the Coaches First Team that JaJuan Johnson was the only consensus first team member voted by all the coaches in the league. That means that at least ONE coach in the league did not vote for Jared Sullinger to be on his All-B1G first team. On top of that, JaJuan Johnson and Jordan Taylor were both unanimous First Team All B1G and the only First Team members on the media’s team. So some member/members of the media also didn’t have Sully on their first team… ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME? So to whoever didn’t vote for Sully to be on your first team I say to you: SCREW YOU.

B1G defensive player of the year JaJuan Johnson again won this award which I suppose is fine if getting 2 blocks a game and less than 1 steal a game is good stats for the award. Meanwhile David Lighty is charged with guarding the opposing teams best player every night and guards every position on the floor and he may not even be our best defender anymore now that Aaron Craft is on the team and that is saying something as both of those guys deserved the award more than Johnson did. So to the media members who didn’t get this one right I say to you: SCREW YOU.

So yes, to say the least, I am angry again as once again I heard the same tired excuse that OSU is supposed to be this good and didn’t do anything special while yet another team somehow magically exceeded expectations and henceforth deserves the awards that somehow the players and coaches of the Buckeyes don’t deserve because the people who vote for these awards determine at the beginning of the year what said expectations are. It isn’t like most of you picked OSU to win the B1G as most of you picked MSU to win it all and sweep the awards ceremony in the pre-season so I guess based on the fact that MSU turned turned out to be so crappy I shouldn’t be bothered by the way you vote because you after all picked MSU and proved what idiots you are….. but still I must say it: SCREW YOU ALL.

Hopefully though when all is said and done the national awards are better to the Buckeyes then the people who vote for the B1G awards are but if they aren’t I think you all know what I will have to say to you……..


  1. So more anti-Buckeye bias. We’ll take our huge pile of championship trophies. I sort of like it. It’s becoming a badge of honor. Tress does it year in and year out and never gets coach of the year. If we keep bringing in the big trophies, we can let the others get the sour grapes awards.

  2. Reality check says

    How did Lighty do guarding E’Twaun Moore in West Lafayette? DPOY is nowhere near as cut and dry as you indicate.

    I also could have seen Matta or Painter for COY (or even Beilein). But again, it’s too close to be that angry about. A question, do you think it’s easier to coach two great players with a bunch of role players or one great players with a bunch of very good players?

    You could argue that Sully wasn’t even OSU’s POY as Lighty, Buford, Deibler and even Craft all played critical roles in multiple games.

    And I’d wager it was Bo Ryan who didn’t vote Sully to the first team due to spitgate. Ryan seems like that kind of peron to me.

  3. @Reality check – how did Johnson do guarding against Aaron Craft in Columbus? You’re right, DPOY is not cut and dried.

  4. Art Schlicter says

    Everyone said the Bucks would be great after Turner last year. COY never goes to that team’s coach. In any sport, it goes to the coach that seems to do the most with the least.
    I would argue that Illinois, MSU, OSU, and possibly Minny have more talent in their starting 5 than Purdue after Hummel went down. That’s coaching.

  5. Reality check says

    You’re asking about a 6’10 center switching and guarding a point guard? Yep, JJ struggled. But most would.

    And I said it isn’t cut and dry, but then again, I’m not the one posting venomous sentences (and I wouldn’t have had Lighty won the award).

    And just a statistic to chew on (no I don’t think this is the be all to end all). JJ had more blocks in Big Ten play than the entire OSU team (and 4 other teams) and he also finished 11th in the Big Ten in steals.

    His presence allowed Purdue’s perimeter defenders to play aggressively and overpursue. It will be interesting to see what Painter does next year without that luxury.

  6. Reality Check- As a team OSU had more blocks than JaJuan Johnson did all year so I can live with that. OSU also had 5 guys with more steals than JJ. Heck Aaron Craft had 64 of them and he didnt start one game.

  7. @RC – fair enough, Craft took JJ off the dribble in a single situation. I don’t think we are taking anything away from him. And SYR is most certainly not directing his venomous sentences at JJ. He’s a heck of a player and we respect that. It’s more directed at the media.


  8. Furthermore Lauderdale had 46 blocks to JaJuans 73 and Lauderdale only avgd 17 mins a game.

    JJ is a fine defender he just isnt the best in the league this year. 2 blocks a game and 1 steal agame does not make someone a DPOY award winner in my eyes. Aaron Craft was the only Unanimous player on the medias All-defensive team FWIW.

  9. Reality check says

    El Kaiser, I get it. Lord knows some Purdue fans do their share of dropping the disrespect card. And it drives me crazy when they do it.

    I try to look at things objectively rather than with my black and gold glasses on. It doesn’t always work, but when I can, I realize that a position that is counter to my own more often than not is at least reasonable.

    Good luck to the Buckeyes in the next few weeks. Hopefully we’ll meet again on Sunday and then again in Houston.

  10. Reality check says

    Unanimous when it comes to the media is a dicey proposition. Way too many homers and haters voting their allegiances IMO.

    Now the coaches not voting Sully unanimously? That’s ridiculous. I’m guessing Bo Ryan was saying “Deal with it” as he filled out his ballot.

  11. Sunshine Megan says

    Who cares who the award in these things. Jared Sullinger is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than J. Johnson and thats all that matters. Sullinger is a frshman, just think how good he will be 3 years from now. Not in college anymore of course but starting for the eastern conference all-stars. Hahaha big ten awards, funny stuff.

    The only trophy that matters is the Big Ten Champion trophy that Ohio State won. They won it because no votes were allowed in recieving it. It was won on the court. Hahaha says it all girls.

  12. B10 Champs says

    I don’t think that JJ deserved DPOY. He played more to stay out of foul trouble, than being a consistent prescence. Painter has said several times that he felt Lighty was the best perimeter defender and I believe he deserved the award.

    COY…tough choice, but when you say you don’t remember how good Hummel is, did you forget the game he dropped 35 on us last year? I’d say he’s pretty good.

    POY….popularity contest, picking a Sr. over a Frosh. and without a doubt it was Ryan who didn’t vote Sully to 1st team.

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