OSU Basketball Weekly Wrap-up

2/20/2011 (3) Ohio St 63, (11) Purdue 76 (25-2, 13-2 Big Ten)
2/22/2011 (3) Ohio St 89, Illinois 70 (26-2, 13-2 Big Ten)

Regression to the mean There are times when you take, full force, a Daisy Cutter of a performance by an opposing player right to the face. As a fan, there is nothing you can do but hope it doesn’t last forever. And sometimes it does. Such was the case of E’Twaun Moore’s performance two Sundays ago as he, as they say, went ham all over the court at Mackey Arena. Seven three’s and a host of other ridiculous shots was a singular performance that you walk away realizing you witnessed something special. Similar to what The Villian did to Purdue last year, Moore’s game never let up or let OSU back in the game. His 13 for 18 game (with a ridiculous 7-10 from 3 point range) was almost a full 20 percentage points higher than his season average. It’s a game like that were you GG everyone at the end and hope that doesn’t happen again.

Then you get an uncanny team performance like Illinois had in the first half of a game (8-9 from 3 point range) and still trail by 15 points at half time.

2/27/2011 (3) Ohio St 82, Indiana 61 (27-2, 14-2 Big Ten)

Bad blood Tom Crean’s attempt to recruit Jared Sullinger’s mother was unsucessful. Thad Matta, of course, will have nothing to do with Tom Crean’s shenanigans. He’ll just go recruit some more of Indiana’s best players and watch them GO OFF for 22.

This and that After another week of top teams going down, Ohio State finds itself back at the top of the polls leading into the home stretch.

Will you? So either I completely missed this or it wasn’t well publicized but apprently Jon Diebler asked his girlfriend to marry him at the OSU/Michigan football game this past season. Did I miss something?

Trap game Ohio State’s trip to Penn State could be another potential trap for Ohio State. A scrappy, desperate team that could use a signature win against a team like Ohio State could be trouble. If Deshaun Thomas can maintain a hot hand, maybe all my worrying will be for naught.


  1. WHY?????????????????????

    Do you insist on writing these posts on gamedays lol every time you do we lose dern it

  2. Any thoughts on who may be the sleeper teams this year. After watching Kansas, Duke & Pittsburgh not too impressed. Pittsburgh has to be one of the hardest teams to watch, you keep asking yourself what rock….

    This seemingly presents one of the best years the Big Ten will have in advancing teams in the tournament. Looking forward to it.

  3. @jimmy – hard to say who the sleeper is this year. Definitely could be St John, but they’re the cliche pick.

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