OSU Men’s Basketball Weekly Wrap-up

Another week of Buckeye Basketball and another week I’m racing to get it out before the next game and the next “week” starts. I don’t want to fall behind again.

This week was kind of a downer, what with the Buckeyes losing to Wisconsin Saturday afternoon.

(1) Ohio St 67 v. (14) Wisconsin 71

Wisconsin. Why did it have to be Wisconsin?

Badgers, very dangerous. You go first.

Seriously, why did it have to be Wisconsin? If, as some fans suggest, we needed to lose a game before the tournament, a loss to Michigan State would have been much easier to swallow. But since I firmly believe Bo Ryan is a SkyNet cyborg sent from the future to kill the joy derived from basketball by essentially implementing “Tresselball” on the hard court, it’s no surprise it had to happen this way.


Michigan St 61 v. (3) Ohio St 71

This game had all the makings of another trap game (see also: Northwestern) with the Buckeyes looking like they were mired in a funk and Diebler seem rather uninterested in getting himself open for a three while Sullinger continued getting mugged as BEE ONE GEE officials seemed to take perverse satisfaction in his obvious frustration.

So it’s been one of those weeks. A few stories of interest:

So after OSU fell out of favor with the pollsters, this past week has seen Kansas (the new #1) crap itself profusely against in-state rival K-State, Texas lose to a good defensive team in Nebraska and Pitt fall to St. John’s (who, admittedly, is a bit of a giant killer in MSG). They all faltered. So when Ohio State beats Purdue today, we’re all back at square one.

Speaking of Diebler, barring some act of God like losing power at Mackey Arena, Jon Diebler should take his rightful place atop the BEE ONE GEE three point leaders, topping Penn State’s Pete Lisicky record of 332. Let’s hope Dieb’s shows interest in shooting a three-pointer or four today.

To get your ready for today’s rematch against Purdue, the BBC has you covered with their preview and you can head over their during the game for the live-chat.

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