In Case You Missed It

Been meaning to get to a lot of this but have been busy. Here are some quick hits:

– I’ve been waiting for decent video to show up on YouTube from the Sugar Bowl of the Arkansas offensive lineman’s cheap shot on Cameron Heyward, but thankfully Tyler T. has the lowdown on the Arkansas player: Wade Grayson, a Dirty Razorback. (Hey Buckeye-sphere: Let’s Google Bomb Wade Grayson with Dirty Player). I have some more thoughts on the topic that may come up in another post.

– So I think Herbie is dead to us at MotSaG HQ. His AP ballot being the final nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. Do you guys agree?

– I have no real opinions on the guy, but hey Michigan’s got a new Head Coach.

– I know I don’t have to repeat these kind of statistics for you choir members (hint: that makes me the preacher) but Dr. Saturday had some nice things to say about Ohio State and Jim Tressel:

The model of consistency: Ohio State, which finished fifth in both polls, the Buckeyes’ seventh top-10 finish in nine years. Only USC, with seven top-five finishes in a row from 2002-08, can match that over the last decade.

Count your blessings, Buckeye fans.

– Now that the 2010 College Football season is all snugly tucked in to bed, Orson reads it a night-time story. No one does it better.


  1. Something I noticed about the cheapshot on the video which I never noticed before. I’ve heard some people defend the hit as legit because football is a contact sport. Well, watching the video again, I noticed, the blocker, led with the helmet and only made contact with the helmet. Last I checked, even if you can’t find fault with “blocking until the whistle is blown”, the was not a legal hit.

  2. @Luis – No matter what people say to “defend” this play, it was dirty and illegal, through and through. Any play that exhibits intent to harm (which this hit is, plain and simple) is cause for a penalty and possibly expulsion from the game.

    No ifs, ands, or buts.

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