OSU is 1-0 against the SEC!!! (in the 2010s)

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. After utter domination in the first half, I know I am not alone in thinking this game was OVER. OH-VER. The way the team played in the second half in contrast to the first was stark.

That being said, this was the absolute definition of Tresselball. We had a multiple score lead and we went into turtle mode. I know a lot of fans hate the game plan, but can you argue with the result?

A few thoughts before I hit the hay:

  • People were saying this could be the most exciting game outside of the MNC game, and I guess they were right. That was not good for the cardiac health of Ohio State Fans.
  • Terrelle Pryor played a really good game but Cameron Heyward or Dane Sanzenbacher should have been the MOP of the game.
  • Heyward just played out of his mind this game. The whole defense played great but Heyward was intense. He looked unstoppable all game long, and the shot at the end of the game with Cam on his knees was unfettered joy. Reminiscent of Anderson at the end of the 2002 National Championship game.
  • What more can be said about Sanzenbacher’s play all game long? The fumble recovery in the end-zone was simply not giving up on the play, following the ball and taking advantage of the fumble. He played great all game, but that was a Senior play right there
  • The other great image was the shot of Mark May at the end of the halftime show. You could see the grimace of disgust when he knew he had nothing to say. I hope someone screen-capped that one.
  • The safety on Boom Herron was a botched call. In a game of dozens of missed calls, that one could have cost us.
  • Mallet is a heck of a QB and got no help from his WRs.
  • There’s plenty to discuss, let us know what you thought


  1. sportsMonkey says

    Pryor had 336 yards of offense all by himself… I think he deserved MOP. I wishe they gave offensive and defensive awards, tho, cuz Cam is da man.

  2. I’m just glad I got to watch it. Arrived in Kuwait today on the return to my deployment. I missed the major stuff in the 4th with an accountability formation, came right back to see that punt blocked and was just pissed… Then saw the pick and this place went nuts. There were several of us Buckeye fans here in Kuwait watching and were all ecstatic with the outcome.

  3. sportsMonkey says

    SPivan – thanks for stopping by, man. Bucks around the world unite. 🙂 Stay safe over there!

  4. sylvester yon-rambo says

    I hope next year they suspend more player early so they can help us win a NCG lol….. Who knew punishing a player could make them play so much better.

  5. @sM – I absolutely agree, Pryor had a monster game but all things considered (by which I mean the last two weeks) give the award to the senior that has done everything right.

    @SPivan – I echo sportsMonkey — thanks for stopping by and thank you for your service.

    @SYR – I’m sure Tressel has ways of motivating players. He knows people, if you know what I mean.

  6. I agree with all your bullet points. Good summary.

    That’s all I’ve got. No, wait, I would add this: Pryor’s repeated apologies on the field and podium seemed genuine and made me think he’s finally starting to mature. Crediting the defense with the win was nice, too (even if it was obviously true).

  7. Mallett does have a wonderful arm, but I was really kind of surprised he had such a case of the Todd Boeckman happy feet even on plays where pressure was minimal. That was his most glaring weakness.

    I love our defensive line. Go Bucks.

  8. Great win!

    Pryor played excellent, still shows flaws in his passing skills but still a gamer!

    Sanzs is just unbelievable..buckeye legend for sure!

    Heyward played how we thought he would play all year, BEAST! I think he solidified his spot somewhere in the 1st round after that game.

    Mallett has obvious great physical traits and ability, poor attitude and sportsmanship though. I have a Ryan Leaf feeling about him.

    One last thing, F?CK all the S.E.c redneck honks!!

  9. Todd Not Boeckman says

    SPivan> Thank you for your sacrifice and service. Please stay safe and God Bless.

    I’ve been attending tOSU games since 1966. I have been a season ticket holder since 1978. The safety call is THE WORST EGREGIOUS call I have ever seen. Truly despicable that a professional sports official could make a call that bad. (I am a certified high school basketball official. I would turn in my card if I blew a game that bad)

    Ryan Mallet’s composure was alarmingly poor.

    4 of the 6 (by ESPN’s count) drops were due to Gatorarms by Arky WRs. Credit to the wood our defense lays on people.

  10. Agree with much said here, you guys got it right, without Sanzy the guy from Toledo Tressel never heard of before Teddy Ginn Sr insisted he take a look at him, the games MVP, Dane delivers a signature senior sendoff bailing the Bucks out in the most import of W’s. A fluke win but we’ll take it. Pryor, Jason says excellent I say enigma, he’s one-of-a-kind, tremendous athlete but forever trapped in highschool mentality, key word ‘forever”. A most exciting game spurred or inspired by pre-game “distractions” but hampered once again by “turtle mode” you just knew it would be frustrating fun (that sick familiar feeling starting in the third quarter) we blame on Tressel’s coaching. JT LOL, if Harbaugh ends up at Michigan, then we’ll learn about motivation.

    love el Kaiser’s 1-0 (in the 2010s)

  11. A few facts about the “high schooler”


    31-4 record as a starter (88.57% winning percentage)
    Just five wins behind Art Schlichter to become all-time wins leader in Ohio State history
    3 Big 10 titles
    3 victories over Michigan
    Third OSU QB to beat Michigan 3 times (Tippy Dye and Troy Smith)
    Rose Bowl victory, Sugar Bowl victory and 2-1 in BCS bowl games
    Two-time BCS bowl MVP
    3 BCS Bowls
    First OSU QB to beat an SEC team in a bowl game

    213.87 yards/game of total offense, 39 games, 1st (29.47 yards/game more than Schlichter in 2nd at 184.4)
    22 games with 200-plus yards of total offense, 1st (Smith 2nd at 19)
    7 games with 300-plus yards of total offense, 1st (Germaine 6)
    7 100-yard rushing games (first all-time among QBs, ahead of Greene’s 4)
    5 games throwing for over 200 yards and rushing for over 100 (Smith did it once)
    57 TD passes, tied for 1st (Hoying 57; Germaine 56, Smith 54)
    2,164 rushing yards, 1st for QB

    8,341 yards of total offense, 2nd (only 509 yards behind Schlichter) – PROJECTED FIRST
    74 TDs responsible for (57 passing, 17 rushing – also has 2 receiving), 2nd (11 behind Schlichter at 85) – PROJECTED FIRST
    31 wins as starting QB, tied for 2nd (Greene 31, Schlichter 36) – PROJECTED FIRST

    477 completions, 3rd (20 behind Schlichter’s 497 and 21 behind Hoying’s 498) – PROJECTED FIRST
    13 games with 200-plus yards passing, tied for 3rd (1 game out of second, Bellisari and 3 out of first, Hoying) – PROJECTED FIRST
    158.38 passing yards/game, 3rd (Germaine at 172.2 in 1st, Hoying 160.7 in 2nd, Schlichter 157.2 in 4th) – COULD PROJECT TO FIRST
    60.9 (477 of 783) completion percentage, 3rd (Todd Boeckman 63.4 and Troy Smith 62.7; Joe Germaine 59.2)
    144.56 QB rating, 3rd (Smith 157.1 and Germaine 151.0; Hoying 142.6)

    783 pass attempts, 4th (52 behind Frey (835), 75 behind Hoying (858) and 168 behind Schlichter (951)) – PROJECTED FIRST
    2,164 rushing yards, 4th on rushing list for Big Ten QBs. Rick Leach 3rd at 2,176, Juice Williams 2nd at 2,557 and Antwaan Randle El 1st at 3,895. – PROJECTED SECOND OR THIRD

    6,177 passing yards, 5th (139 behind Greg Frey (6,316), 193 behind Joe Germaine (6,370), 1,055 behind Bobby Hoying (7,232) and 1,370 behind Art Schlichter (7,547). Troy Smith is 6th) – COULD STILL PROJECT FIRST

    26 INTs, tied for 6th (Schlichter 46, Frey 39, Tomczak 36, Hoying 35)

    * Ranks 20th all-time on the OSU career rushing list with 2,164 yards on 436 carries (4.96 yards per carry). Trails Boom Heron at 19th by 30 yards (2194 yards), Raymont Harris by 485 yards (2,649) for 10th and Antonio Pittman by 781 yards (2,945) for 9th. Is averaging 721.33 rushing yards per season over his three years and has 17 rushing TDs

    OSU Career QB records (only an estimate since the OSU media guide record book doesn’t list game-by-game starters only who the primary starter was for that respective season)

    Schlichter: 36-11-1 (76.0%)
    Greene: 31-3-1 (90%)
    Pryor: 31-4 (88.57%)
    Hoying: 30-7-1 (80.2%)
    Kern: 27-2 (93.1%)
    Tomczak: 27-9 (75.0%)
    Krenzel: 25-3 (89.2%)
    Smith: 22-3 (88.0%)

    271.23 yards/game of total offense, 1st (Germaine 270.6 in 1998, Smith 263.0 in 2005)
    3,526 yards of total offense, 1st (Hoying 3,290 in 1995 and Germaine 3,246 in 1998)
    31 TDs responsible for (27 passing, 4 rushing), tied 1st (Smith in 2006 and Hoying in 1995). Goes up to 32 with TD reception
    11 games with 200-plus yards of total offense, tied 1st (Hoying 11 in 1995; Smith only 8 in both 2005 and 2006)

    65.0 completion percentage, 2nd (Troy Smith 65.3 in 2006, Todd Boeckman 63.9 in 2007)
    4 games with 300-plus yards of total offense, tied for 2nd (Smith 4 in 2005 and Germaine 5 in 1998)

    2,772 passing yards, 3rd (Germaine 3,330 in 1998 and Hoying 3,269 in 1995)
    27 passing TDs, 3rd (Smith 30 in 2006 and Hoying 29 in 1995)
    9 200-plus yard passing yard games, 3rd (behind only Hoying and Germaine – who reached 11 their senior years)
    213.23 passing yards/game, 3rd (Germaine 277.5 in 1998 and Hoying 251.5 in 1995. Troy Smith 195.5 in 2006 and 207.5 in 2005)
    210 completions, 3rd (1 behind Hoying in 1995 and 20 behind Germaine in 1998)

    157.88 QB rating, 4th (Hoying 163.4 in 1995, Smith 162.6 in 2005 and 161.9 in 2006)
    323 attempts, 4th (Germaine 384 in 1998, Schlichter 350 in 1981 and Hoying 341 in 1995)

    Single-game, 2010
    16 consecutive completions (record was 12)
    334 yards vs. Indiana, 8th on single-game passing list
    24 completions vs. Indiana ranks tied for 10th
    4 TD passes vs. Eastern Michigan, tied for 4th (record is 5)
    346 total yards of offense vs. Miami, 9th all-time
    6 TDs responsible for vs. Eastern Michigan, tied for 1st all-time

  12. If Pryor is an enigma and still has a high school mentality, I want 50 more of him.

  13. Statistics are like…rather meaningless when an unrecovered fumble can just as well make you the game’s goat. What relevance is the weight of statistics when at Ohio State your inherently judged by those few games each year when you oppose teams of equal talent and strength? Give me those statistics and you’ll paint a far clearer picture that just might surprise you. The luxury of playing with an extremely talented supporting cast should never be lost when making any analysis. The measure of any one players accomplishments is much more complex and missing from your analysis are many intangibles not so obvious. Just my opinion.

  14. Jimmy-

    What is Ohio State’s record without Terrelle Pryor this year?

    Did you see how bad Joe Bauserman was when he HAD to play vs. Illinois?

  15. When he’s 5-0 we’ll see what fans think! Let me tell ya johnny, I’m so pumped for next fall. We don’t really have a clue who QBs but Bowzer threw for 5000 yards & 56 TDs at a Nike Elite school and @ 25 he’s a competent dedicated Buckeye, he’ll be ready. The other thing is we don’t know if Braxton Miller will RS or not. He reminds me more of Troy Smith. Southwestern Ohio HS coaches say they’ve never faced a better QB, that’s more important than stats (remember stats only tell part of the story) Ha! Guiton, Graham everyone has a shot at those 5 games what fun!
    Johnny your right about Pryor, he’s a special talent, just ranting on opinions formed on what I’ve heard & maybe that 2nd half of the Sugar Bowl… at least it got you to post some great stats to review, Thx

  16. Jimmy-

    What is Ohio State’s record without Terrelle Pryor this year?

    You never answered the question.

    I have zero faith in Joe Bauserman and don’t care what he did 7 years ago in high school.

    If Bauserman is the starter, he will throw the ball 10-15 times and they will run it with Boom and Rod Smith who will be a star next year. They will be a run first team with a great defense.

    With Pryor in the offense, the offense becomes dynamic. This offens was one of the most potent in the history of OSU football and much of that is a result of Terrelle Pryor.

    Miller is an outstanding player, but he will be raw. Miller is more like Michael Vick than Troy Smith. Vick is quick/fast with a cannon for an arm. That is how I’d describe Miller as well. Troy was a good athlete but a 4.7 is a little slower than Millers 4.4.


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