Sugar Bowl Open Thread

We’ll have the normal live chat up before the Sugar Bowl around 8:15 PM, but I’m sure it will be the only thing you’ll be thinking about today (bye-bye productivity, Tuesday. It was going to be a wash anyway coming off the holiday weekend).

To get the ball rolling, what are you excited about this week? Has the terrible performance of the Big Ten on New Year’s Day put an undue burden on Ohio State’s shoulders? Has Tattoo-gate put a damper on your excitement? I know it has for me.

Who do you see stepping up as the offensive MVP? Defensive?

What’s your final score prediction?


  1. You bet the pressure is on. My coworkers here at Michigan State are rooting for us to defend the honor of the conference.

    Always seems to fall to us, doesn’t it?

  2. @ErictBBC – that was my first thought right after the Rose Bowl. “Not again!” It’s true we didn’t defend the honor of the conference from 2006-2009 (you could argue the close game against Texas was good enough) but we basically carried it 2002-2005 and last year.

    Such is Tressel’s burden.


  1. […] seems like it was ages ago, but it was just a short four years ago we did this, in what would end up being Coach Tressel’s last game as the Head Coach of the […]

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