New Year’s Day Open Thread

Here’s an open thread to discuss all the exciting Bowl Games of the day. Let’s at least hope they’re exciting because so far the Bowl Season has been BOR-ING.

How would have thought that the Big Ten would be 2-0 at this point? We’ve clearly established dominance over the Big XII. Let’s move on and crush the Southeastern Conference!

Oh, and if you need another topic to discuss, how about Tate Forcier not being eligible for the Gator Bowl? I know the Michigan fans had a field day with the Tat-Five, especially with Terrelle Pryor. But one thing they can’t say is that he is a bad student. He was named to the 2010 Big Ten Fall Academic All-Conference Team. Let’s not forget that these kids are student athletes. Pryor’s decisions a couple years ago may have been dumb (and they most certainly were) but at least he has been going to class.

Update: Ouch, not a good showing for the first four bowl games from the Big Ten. That wasn’t pretty. I’m not even sure I can bring myself to watch the Rose Bowl. I’ve seen enough ugly beatings already today.


  1. Wow..not a good day for Big Ten. Mccloin throws way to many picks! I think Wisky will salvage the day

  2. sportsMonkey says

    Thanks Wisco for barfing. Or more to be specific, thanks Bielima for being an idiotic d-bag who put his freakin best RBs on the sideline for the tying 2pt conversion. (!?!) Best rushing attack in the country, getting 6 yds a carry in the 4th, and you not only don’t try to run, you telegraph that to the defense? Pathetic play calling.

  3. @jason – You can win with McMoxie except when he throws 5 McGoing the other way.

    @Monkey – Pathetic indeed. I feel dumb for ranking Wisky ahead of TCU the past few blogpolls.

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