All five suspended players and Coach Tressel to return in 2011?

Since this whole mess has happened I have been avoiding the subject all together except a few poignant conversations with close friends. I said from the moment it was news that all 5 of the players (Pryor, Posey, Herron, Thomas, Adams) would just go pro and I was hoping that was the case so I didn’t have to hear about it for the next 9 months plus first 5 games from all the stupid talking heads.

Then something all together shocking and surprising happened today at the News Conference held in N.O. for the Sugar Bowl this morning. Coach Jim Tressel made what is still a startling admission to me and probably most everyone else in the world. “Tressel said he told the five they “have to make any decision based on the future and (leaving early for the) NFL prior to us leaving for our bowl game. It wouldn’t be fair if someone was able to participate” and then leave.”

Some are questioning the truthfulness of the players involved and some in Tressel (Screw you doubters of Tressel). I dont know if I fully trust the 5 guys involved in this but Tressel has 150% my faith in him so I am willing to take him at his words.

What does this mean at least to me in one fell swoop he has been able to turn this negative publicity nightmare into will a work of Tresselness. The players involved have a chance not only to play in the bowl game but also not take the sissy way out and leave early after that bowl for the NFL. When they all come back next year they will have a chance to earn back the respect of the fans and the public. It is a stand up decision and one that has got me ecited and happy about what this means for these players and the University. Tressel also said he would not be retiring or quiting after the bowl game no matter what a useless Chicago Blog was spreading.

I know most who read this believe Tressel and what he thinks is the gospel truth but do you all believe the players involved will live up to their promises and if they dont is their reputation ruined forever and their character tarnished even worse for the NFL draft?


  1. Would you believe someone with a gun to your head that said “I am not going to hurt you?” Do you believe Cam Newton had no idea what his daddy was doing on his behalf? If so, then go ahead and believe these five.

  2. I should have added which is better leaving and go Pro or coming back and face the suspensions?

  3. SYR – since ex-Buckeyes pretty much have guaranteed Columbus jobs before, during and after the NFL (TV, radio, business, car dealerships, insurance, etc.), they’d be fools to renege on their pledge and feel the scorn of Tressel, OSU, and C-bus.

  4. I cant begin to say how brilliant this was of Tressel IMO…. He simply just said guys you did the crime now do the time or forever be known as liars to Buckeye Nation.

  5. This is just an odd situation for next year.let’s say the suspension stays at 5 games, that can make or break your season. Playing guys ahead of Pryor, Posey, Adams, and Herron..getting the newer guys acclimated or whatever to being a starter and once the 5 games suspension is up, put them back in the starting lineup. Some big decisions ahead for the coaching staff next season.

  6. I think this is a pretty slick move by Tressel — not only has he saved face for his staff and the program but he’s given the guys involved a way to redeem themselves and shown that they have “grown up.”

    Unfortunately there’s talk now that maybe two of these guys may not live up to their promises. Pryor isn’t one of them, but it will be interesting to see how this develops.

  7. If any of them dont live up to their word they have 4 days left to come clean and not play in the Sugar Bowl. Or they can lie and still leave and be dead to us for life.

  8. I think a great many Buckeye fans would prefer Pryor not return next year anyhow. Time to get on with the Braxton Miller era.

  9. @jimmy j – I wouldn’t be so sure. Yes, we are all excited about Braxton Miller but another year of Pryor while Miller learns the ropes as a red-shirt would be a preferable situation in my opinion.

  10. That’s the point “another year of Pryor” to prove what…that you can’t teach maturity? Maybe some of you never get tired of this goof and can’t wait for his next tweet proclaiming his greatness or how better the Bucks are than Wisky, this after losing the biggest game of the year pulling el stinko at the QB spot. Terrell self proclaimed “best QB in the league” but didn’t he trail Penn St at the half needing Booms legs and two picks for TDs to win? Maybe he got the head from wins over Miami and Iowa but didn’t both turn out to be frauds (Miami lost 4 home games and Iowa lost five games). TP hasn’t changed since junior high and makes the team, program, university look foolish for wearing the jersey. The guy blew off NLOI to “build hype”, built up Michael Vick remember the quote “killing people bla bla bla” LOL this guy needs to fade and fast maybe to bagging el Kaiser’s groceries by decades end.

  11. No matter how shiny you polish turds, they are still turds. Bust a deal, face the wheel! No room for cheaters getting to play after they have been outed.

  12. “I think a great many Buckeye fans would prefer Pryor not return next year anyhow. Time to get on with the Braxton Miller era.”

    Unreal. Did Terrelle Pryor urinate on your Fruity Pebbles or something?

    The guys is literally one of the best football players Ohio State has ever had and you are rushing him out the door?

    Great fan.

  13. Jimmy-did you know Pryor was hurt during the Wisconsin game? Did you also know he doesn’t play defense or covers kicks? Did you know he helped OSU get within 3 points of the Badgers?

    You also forgot to mention his performance during the Rose Bowl last year. You know, when he was MVP?

    So far you have said the following about Pryor:

    1. He is immature. True, I don’t know many 21 year olds that are writing many books on maturity, do you?

    2. Has too much self confidence. Wow….what a monster.

    Pretty damning stuff Jimmy J….yup….

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