OSU and Georgia to play in football.

Recent talks out of Athens, Georgia had the Bulldogs looking to improve their OOC schedule and were looking at teams north of the Mason-Dixon line. Well it turns out they did just that in 2020 and 2021 they will play a home and home series with the Ohio State University Buckeyes.

It is funny reading the info from the Georgia AD Greg McGarity “McGarity would like Georgia to play seven home games every season, but also wants to schedule a “big-time, traditional opponent” for a home-and-home series every 8-10 years”. Only in the SEC can you add 1 tough OOC series every 10 years and get to act like you are a great OOC scheduler what a complete joke but I suppose kudos to the Georgia Bulldogs for doing it once every 10 years unlike most of the SEC.


  1. UGA played at Oklahoma State, against Boise State, and others in the recent past

    Other SEC teams have traveled to plenty of solid OOC games.

    You say “1 tough OOC series every years” but don’t actually offer anything to show that that actually occurs

    Or maybe you were just over-exaggerating to act cool? Probably because the SEC owns OSU?

  2. @ Don those words came directly from the mouth of The Georgia AD as was quoted by me and linked as well. Maybe you should read the whole post before you prove what a moron you SEC fans are.

    Secondly, Congrats on playing BSU at home when they sucked lol you didnt even give them a return home game. Oklahoma St. really that is your example for scheduling hard OOC games? You guys did have Oregon scheduled until you got scared you would lose and canceled the series.

    Thirdly, you say “Other SEC teams have traveled to plenty of solid OOC games.” …… PROVE IT.

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