Will any Juniors leave early for the draft?

So earlier this week Jim Tressel announced that 5 Juniors had submitted paperwork to the NFL draft advisory board to get the evaluation on their draft chances. This isn’t really anything new as it is a time honored tradition at Ohio State and every other University in the country. What was shocking was that Tressel refused to announce who those 5 players were. Speculation ran rampant in some circles that Terrelle Pryor is one of those players (I hope he did) and that Tressel may be trying to shield TP from the obvious questions for the next 2 weeks leading up to the Sugar Bowl. Thanks to El Kaiser and his broad use of Twitter we were able to find out 3 of the 5 players and one who 100% didnt send in the paper work.

Here is a list of those we know who did and the one we know who didn’t.

DID– Mike Brewster, DeVier Posey, and Boom Herron.

DID NOT– Nate Williams (He said he didn,t care what they said because he is 100% coming back next year).

So that leaves 2 juniors who did submit the paperwork but haven’t stepped up to say it was them so lets speculate. I think it was probably TP and Mike Adams. Although I also think J B Shugarts might also be a culprit.

In the end dont fret too much every year they do this to gauge where they might get drafted and what they could get better at to improve their draft status. I don’t think any of these guys would leave early or are even close to being a top 3 rounds draft choice which is where Tressel advises all his juniors to leave if they reach that level of draft chances. I think Posey is the best chance to leave no matter what his draft report says. I think if TP did submit his paperwork it wont matter I believe him the dozen times I heard him say 110% done deal he will be back for his senior year.

So I ask you fellow Buckeye fans these questions……

1.) Who do you think are the other 2 players who submitted paperwork?

2.) Of all the juniors whom do you think may leave early and where will they get drafted?


  1. Posey would prob be a round 3 guy, as well as Boom. Brewster 2nd round. Pryor..who the hell knows? Adams..only one year of film to grade..3rd-5th rd

  2. Pryor was one of the players that filled.

    He has been all in from the start.

  3. Boom won’t have any of the measurables the NFL loves.

    He is coming back for sure.

  4. All these guys would benefit from coming back, winning another big ten title and improving upon the previous year. For what its worth, Nate Williams, Brewster and Posey are our highest rated underclassman.

  5. Am I the only one who doesnt understand why Nate Williams is so highly rated? He is good but didnt play great and is undersized for the NFL. I am just confused on him. As for Posey he hasnt impressed me at all this year and has worse hands than Ryan Hamby.

  6. Williams isn’t your prototypical D-end..seems to be a good rush LB though. Seems like he lives in the backfield..and 6’3″ 260 or so isn’t really undersized. The kid is jacked. I think with a little better year next season Nate could be late 1st round pick.

    Regarding Posey..kid has the size and speed. But his hands were very dissapointing this year

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