Buckeyes Headed to the Sugar Bowl

Our Ohio State Buckeyes will be heading down south to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in the 2011 Sugar Bowl. (Or is it the 2010 Sugar Bowl? That always confuses me)

This will be the first time the Buckeyes face the Razorbacks. Story lines abound in this one. We’ll have more as the game approaches, but content will slow somewhat as we come out of football season. It’s time to get in some Red Dead Redemption.

My three second preview of this game: I like the Buckeye’s chances.


  1. Probably one of the better bowl games.

    I’m getting to the point that I really can’t stand the college football post season. 70 or 120 teams make bowl games. I remember a time when bowl games actually meant something. But, these days we have these gems and with out looking, can you identify the fake bowl game:

    Udrove Humanitarian Bowl
    Beef’O’Brady’s St. Petersburg Bowl
    S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
    AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl
    Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis Bowl
    Bridgepoint Education Holiday
    Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
    Hyundai Sun Bowl
    Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
    BBVA Compass Bowl

    In ten years, each and every team that participates in college football will get a bowl game.

  2. I can’t see a fake bowl game in there, Johnny. Is this one of those Wonderlic trick questions Vince Young struggled with?

    (I read the last entry on that list “BVD” as in the underwear company. Not that that would surprise me.)

  3. TP would dominate?? TP couldn’t dominate crap. He’s just a felony waiting happen!!

  4. @Steve – not sure what you’re referring to with this comment.

  5. Well, Johnny, is that the book that will get TP his degree and/or the one the Vest reads to him everynight? I was born & raised in OH, never has there been a bigger joke than TP; not even MC. Hope his soon to be room “mates” on Coitsville in Youngstown enjoy the dominator!

  6. Steve-

    So just to be clear:

    You believe Terrelle Pryor is a bigger joke than Maurice Clarett, a man who:

    1. Filed a false police report
    2. Took thousands of dollars in special benefits
    3. Lied to investigators
    4. pleaded guilty to “failure to aid a law enforcement official”
    5. Sued the NFL, which was turned down
    6. Openly drinking during practice in the NFL
    7. Cut after a month in the NFL
    8. Convicted of armed robbery
    9. Convicted of multiple crimes stemming from a high speed chance
    10. Spent over 3 years in prison

    That is who Pryor is a bigger joke than? May I ask what Pryor did to wrong you kind sir?

  7. Me thinks Steve is butt hurt about Pryor being 3-0 against his Michigan RatKittens….

  8. TP – suspended, duh. Just the tip of the iceberg – wait until the rest is revealed! HA!

  9. Steve-Are you really that butt hurt about UM’s current losing streak to THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY?

    PS. Josh Groban says hi.

  10. I see you’re still playing like an ostrich

  11. Great come back Steve!

    Not sure WTF it means….but yeah, great come back!

    Look at you, giving it that old fashioned Michigan try.

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