Seniors and Defense Come to Play, Ohio State wins 37-7

We’ll have more later, but for now:

Buckeyes WIN!

The seniors on defense showed up to play and absolutely bottled up Denard Robinson and the rest of the Wolverine offense. (By which I mean they bottled up Denard). QB Force made an appearance and his presence known immediately throwing an INT.

Brian Rolle and Jermale Hines came to play and were everywhere once again and Heyward was a force inside.

Oh, and Boom had a rather prolific game himself. It would have been nice for that 94 yard TD go penalty free, but it still netted Boom 89 yards and he racked up 175 over the course of the game.

So now we savor the victory and root for the unlikely upset of Wisconsin. Either way, the Buckeyes should be heading to a BCS bowl game. We just have to wait and see.


  1. I’ll bet Jim Tressel gets his team fired up by playing tape of John Cooper’s superstar national title contending teams getting their butts whooped by inferior Michigan teams. I half wonder if it matters at all who coaches up there: Tressel just seems to have this game down.

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