Ohio State Outlasts Iowa, Wins 20-17

Recapping this game is proving to be more difficult than I originally planned. The game proved once again to be a tale of two halves. This game wasn’t as lopsided as last week but the result was still quite favorable for Buckeye fans. In this wild Big Ten season, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. The officiating in this game was bad. Deplorable. Egregious. And in the end? Bad on both sides of the ball. So I’m getting it out of my system and moving on.

First, hats off to the defense. They once again stonewalled another offense to the tune of 276 yards of total offense, holding them to 129 yards under their season average. It was called on multiple times to to come up big in the fourth quarter and delivered. Brian Rolle’s performance in particular sticks out. He was everywhere. The defensive line also played big with both MotSaG favorite John Simon and Cameron Heyward getting BIG sacks.

Boom Herron continues to run hard and win over our hearts. He didn’t have the numbers from last week but he got in the endzone when it mattered most and had more than one man-sized carry where he was not going to be denied.

While taking off last week on a much-deserved rest, Dane Sanzenbacher returned to his wide receiver wizard ways, doing his best Gonzalez impression. The other wide receivers, DeVier Posey in particular, didn’t have quite as good a day. Corey (WR) Brown is still looking for his head and waiting for that flag to come while Taurian Washington is still wondering what could have been. Posey is just thankful that his OH THE HORROR WHAT JUST HAPPENED touchdown drop did not end up deciding the outcome of the game.

Terrelle Pryor’s numbers weren’t anything special. His two interceptions were unfortunate. But he did pick up the biggest 4th and 10 of the year and led the team in rushing with 78 yards on 15 carries. He may not do it prettily, but he wins games. And that just chafes everybody else’s buttocks. And we love him.

And finally, let’s point out that Kirk Ferentz once again has done less with less while Tressel does more with more.

So the Buckeyes go into week thirteen, Hate Michigan Week, 10-1 and still alive in the standings of the Big Ten and right where they want to be in the BCS.


  1. I can’t remember a game where there were so many bad calls and bad no-calls. I’d be a lot angrier about it if not for the no-call on Hines in the 4th quarter, but it’s still a little ridiculous. How is it possible for a major conference in a nation of 300 million people not to be able to have a few competent crews of referees?

    Rant off. It’s time for hate. sweet, sweet, fat-free, organic hate.

  2. I was very happy with the defense and offense but mostly I was just happy to be watching a great win with great friends.

  3. Organic? That’s for that hippie up north. We got us Bovine Growth Hormone injected, caffeine enriched, Monosodium Glutamate Hate right here.

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