Six years of hell

I went to bed excited and happy to hear that Tyler Moeller got his 6th year of eligibility. I woke up this morning to a nightmare Fox Sports has just signed a six year contract to broadcast the newly established Big Ten Football Conference Championship Game. I thought I was over having to watch Fox Sports trying to cover CFB when their BCS contract ran out last winter. This means I will have to hear some stupid baseball guy try to pretend like he knows anything about CFB arrrggghhh Joe Buck I hate you. Everything about this decision is based on the fact that the BTN and Fox Sports are in bed together so I understand why they did it. I just can’t stomach listening to Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw talk about players they know nothing about and a game that is unfamiliar to them. Maybe they can hire Bob “just a bit outside” Uecker to help out Joe Buck and they can talk about how awesome the Yankees vs Red Sox rivalry is the whole game.


  1. Hello, mute button.

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