Tyler Moeller gets 6th year of eligibility

In what seems like a actual intelligent decision by the NCAA OSU standout Tyler Moeller will get a medical waiver for a 6th year of eligibility. It honestly couldn’t happen to a better person as Tyler has suffered from a near death off the field attack by a Florida Gator Thug errrrr fan and then this year he tore his pectoral muscle on Oct. 2. He was having a brilliant season before the injury happened. Here is to hoping we get a whole year of watching Tyler at the STAR position next season.


  1. He was that player could put pressure on the QB that OSU is missing so badly right now…

    Good for him! He is a good player and an even better kid.

  2. Very deserving.

  3. Amen! I’m so happy Tyler is getting this chance for one more year. I’m stunned the NCAA did the right thing, for once…

  4. He is the first ever winner of the coveted Todd Boeckman Never Finish College Award, awarded to the Ohio State Buckeye that has either gray shirted and then red shirted or med shirted or whatever and never leaves the comfort of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

    Good for Tyler. Can’t wait to see him next year.

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