Second Thoughts: Penn St.

I was sitting here thinking about this post and was looking back on my emotions during watching the game live last weekend as I watched the playback of the game for my second look. It was one of those games where I went through a full gamut of emotions. I was nervous as the game started and then upset early on how we were playing and then very angry about the way McGROIN was acting about how he was playing. Then halftime came and I regrouped my own emotions and settled down. After halftime it seemed like my emotions were out of control happy with each play that happened. This is going to lead me into my second thoughts post. Everyone who reads this will have watched the game or highlights by so I want to just focus on 2 things emotions and halftime regrouping.

I tend to think that football is built on emotions and that they can change either way on a dime. Anyone who has ever watched an OSU game knows that the first drive of both the 1st qtr and 3rd qtr by the opposing teams set our teams emotions at least for that time and place. OSU is known for giving up early points and then making adjustments to the other team to stop them and contain their game plan. What they aren’t well known for is taking half a game to do that in. It was frustrating watching the first half of the PSU game and it felt just like I was watching the Wisky game all over again. Then came a pivotal point in the game……… PSU going for it on 4th down on OSU 20 yard line with one of the best FG kicker in the country on their bench that would have put up PSU 17-3 if he made it. Instead OSU stopped their FR RB Silas Redd (why Royster wasnt in the game is mind boggling but not as much as why they went for it) short of the 1st down and you could just sense it was what we needed to change the emotions of the game.

That was an important play for sure but what happened in the locker room at halftime made sure the emotions changed for good in the rest of the game. Rumor has it that Jim Tressel went all Woody Hayes on the team and layed into them like a Hawaiian Escort in Maui. I like to imagine what it was like in there since no one is saying too much other than they never seen Tressel like that ever before. I imagine he said things like “golly gee wiz guys we could really play a lot better than that” or “fudgsicals that stunk”. I also imagine he went all Hulk Hogan and ripped off his sweater vest in half down his chest while yelling Buckeyemania is running wild all over you. In reality though he probably just raised his voice by one octave and gave them all the “I am disappointed in all of you look” that every father has in their aresenal. Whatever happened in the locker room worked and and it changed the emotions of a team that seemed to be way to emotionless in the first half.

So the goal for this week at Iowa is to start the game off with tons of positive emotions and avoid getting down early to a less talented team whose season has been a complete failure and they need a signature win to try and save their senior teammates season.

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