OSU gets a big win over PSU

In the same week that the Buckeyes play against those kitty cats from State College they got a huge recruiting victory in the form of LB recruit Conner Crowell.

Conner Crowell is a 6’1″ 220 pound LB with good speed and size and is known for his ability to cover the pass and stop he run. Maybe he will play LB at OSU or maybe he will move to more of a STAR position. The best part is his two final choices were OSU and PSU and the kid from North Point High School in Waldorf, Maryland chose the Buckeyes and will become the 18th verbal commit for the 2011 class.

It should be mentioned that Maryland is prime recruiting area for PSU and it is nice to know we can go in there and pick off one of their recruits. In the picture posted it shows Crowell wearing a PSU shirt while standing next to PSU fans favorite recruiter Larry Johnson Sr. looks like they failed to seal the deal lol. Also, it helps the class a lot as Crowell is our first and only LB recruit in this class so far.

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