Week #10 – Open Thread

The Buckeyes aren’t playing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be firmly in front of your TV following another day of football goodness.

Mid-afternoon update – I really thought it was going to be Purdue’s day and they were going to pull off the Upset of the Century (of the Week!) but it wasn’t meant to be. That being said, perhaps Wisconsin is more vulnerable than we initially thought and maybe it will be Indiana’s turn for the UotC (ofW).

And what about the LOLverines? 132 combined points? 1251 combined total yards? Did someone call “no tackling” before the game?

Early-evening update – I can’t figure out this LSU team. So much for that one-loss SEC team in the BCS title game, right? And bless Iowa State trying to go for two in OT. In a veritable windstorm.

What about Utah? Clearly they were over-valued by a lot of people (myself included). We’ll have to revisit their resume before the BlogPoll draft ballot. I guess that Pitt win wasn’t as impressive as we thought it was, Week One.

And congrats to Joe Paterno and his 400 win. That is an impressive feat.


  1. The IL-UM game was a goddamn joke. Both teams should be expelled from the Big 10 and admitted to the PAC 10. Much shame to IL and UM programs.

  2. Hahaha, I said at halftime of the NW-PSU game, “Penn State’s got ’em right where they want ’em.” Darn straight, way to take over Sparty’s vacated position, Northwestern.

  3. @Ken – defense in that game was atrocious. Bo was openly weeping up in football heaven.

    @NMU – At halftime I thought “I really don’t want OSU’s game to be the next chance JoePa has at 400.” I didn’t want to deal with that emotional motivation

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