Penn State fans attack… Penn State fan

Report: Man dressed as U-M fan attacked at Penn State game (from The Detroit News via sportsMonkey).

NEVER FORGET. (language warning)


  1. sylvester-yon Rambo says

    I am just sick of the holier than thou PSU fans who like to point fingers at OSU fans being the worst in the world when they should be looking in a mirror at themselves and feel ashamed.

  2. When they threw full beer cans at the head of a Buckeye fan, they claimed it was a Pitt student (who just happened to be at a PSU frat party on a game day tailgate, whatever)

    When they threw bags of urine at the band, they claimed there was no video, so it never happened.

    What will they claim now?

  3. They will claim they are fine, upstanding young people who are continually scapegoated.

  4. At least the PSU marching band apologized for the actions of their fans. There’s a very nice letter from the PSU director of bands hanging in the OSUMB Band Center.

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