Buckeyes win 52-10. Fans like the 52 part.

So that went pretty much according to plan. Kudos to Minnesota for not only getting points on the board, but by doing it in non-flukey fashion in non-garbage playing time. Offense continued to roll and rack up very un-Tressel like numbers, putting 52 points on the board. (and I apparently love using dashes)

Outside of the initial scoring drive, the defense played well again. Seniors Brian Rolle and Cameron Heyward played particularly well. It seemed like Rolle was everywhere, even after leaving the game early with an ankle injury. Heyward was in the backfield almost at will. The secondary looked confused at times, but the front push got pressure. And then we got sacks!! And fumbles. And touchdowns. Scoring on defense, the black truffle of Tresselball.

Offensively, Pryor is looking stronger and hopefully getting closer to 100%. We’ll need his legs (and those 11 yard per carry) for the final three games. It’s really nice to see Boom Herron take the reins on the running game with authority. I was surprised that this was Boom’s first 100 yard game.

Carlos Hyde has evidently supplanted Jaamal Berry as the #4 back. This is both promising and a little troubling to me as I really thought Berry was on the cusp of blowing up. I’m not complaining, as I really like Hyde’s explosiveness and I have really enjoyed watching him run. In the end, I want what’s best for the team but I am still a huge fan of Berry. (Oh, I like them all!)

Kick coverage continues to be a sore spot.

I’m usually not one to complain too loudly about the commentators but Holy Moses on a Crutch, the commentating for this game, on prime time national television was Charles Barkely level TRBL. Why Craig James gets to be involved with college football at all is a travesty by itself, but goodness gracious that was hard to listen to.

So the Buckeyes are back in the Big Ten race, albeit a little handicapped, but with three games to go, things are looking good for the Buckeyes.


  1. “Holy Moses on a Crutch” Ha!!

    The difference, though- I enjoy Barkley. These idiots were unlistenable.

    Ah well, at least it wasn’t Pam Ward, Brock Huard, or Mike Belotti. Is it too much to ask to get Spiels every game?

  2. Hey at least you got to see the game. I had the ducks & USC,or a craptastic SEC mid level match-up. ESPiN-U did’nt even give me a game. So sad. TRRBL

  3. @Mali – I was more referring to Barkely pronounciation of terrible (think Frank Caliendo’s routine). Not that Barkely is terrible, but that James and Patric are, in the words of Barkely, TURRIBLE.

    @cjankski – No ESPN3.com for you? I just saw that Xbox Live now has live games from ESPN, so if you’re a gamer, that’s an option.

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