Week #9 – Minnesota Preview

How to preview a game where one team is clearly superior in almost all facets of the game? What is there to say that isn’t stating the obvious or working in cliches?

I haven’t seen much of Minnesota this year. Can you blame me? They have been all over the place. They played USC tough one week and lose to Mt. Rushmore Community College the next. Their coach doesn’t even survive the season. Color me bored.

So with such a lackluster opponent for Ohio State, we must look elsewhere for gristle to chew on. What are this week’s storylines?

Terrelle Pryor’s growth. Minnesota will offer little defensive resistance which should allow Terrelle Pryor to have the opportunity to continue to get better. He’s obviously grown comfortable with Dane Sanzenbacher but he hasn’t had a lot of time to utilize Jake Stoneburner. The emergence of Corey Brown has been a pleasant surprise but Posey’s fading into the background has not. The passing game has room to improve. Yes, Pryor has definitely been able to minimize his errors and the Minnesota game should give him a great chance to continue to do so.

The Running Game finds an identity. Against Purdue, the running game racked up over 180 yards, but it was to the tune of 3.8 yards per carry. Yes, you take away the sack yardage and that number improves. Slightly. Ever since the second half of the Wisconsin game, the offensive line has looked more aggressive but it still hasn’t gotten over that hump. Maybe Minnesota gives us them that final push of confidence, which will need going in to the final three games.

It’s clear the Boom Herron has taken control of the starting position and has ran like a man twice his size. Saine has accepted his role and seems to be flourishing in it, working and contributing well in both the passing and running games. Hall and Berry continue to make the most of their carries, but Boom is the clear Number One. He’s even working on his own little mini-version of the Stiff Arm of Justice.

Pressure the QB? It’s getting to be a broken record and maybe not even an important one. Many fans have been harping on the lack of quarterback pressure, especially pressure that results in sacks. Ohio State is ranked 104th nationally in sacks per game with an unhealthy 1.25. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. In those same rankings, Ohio State’s pass defense is ranked 5th in the country. So maybe those sacks aren’t as important?

Either way, we are still waiting for Cameron Heyward to hit the QB Buffet. Nathan Williams has visited it a couple times, but it is All You Can Eat, guys. Dig in!

Getting healthy. Ohio State has its bye week the first weekend in November. With all the injuries the team has suffered, this comes at an opportune time before the guantlet of Penn State (snicker), Iowa and Michigan (snicker). Let’s get everyone healthy, let’s finish the season strong and let’s see how this plays out.

So for the storylines, let’s do a little prognosticating: How many passing yards does Pryor have? How many sacks does the defense get? What is the final score?

I’m saying:
Passing yards: 320
Sacks: 3
Final Score: 52-0, another shutout for the Silver Bullets.


  1. Pryor will throw for about 289 and account for 4 TD’s.

    Sacks for the D…1…but they will force some hurried throws.

    OSU: 44
    Minny: 17

    Minny’s offense is better than people think and they will bring out all the stops against OSU. Look for one or two trick plays that have success.

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