Troy Smith to start for the 49ers.

This Sunday in London, England Troy Smith will get the start for injured QB Alex Smith over lifetime back up David Carr. In what could be described as maybe his last chance to prove he is a NFL QB he is going to be given one more shot. Luckily for him he is going up against a dreadful Denver defense. I for one dont feel like anyone has given Troy his chance to earn a starting job and he has never been able to wow people in practice I suppose to earn his shot. If anyone would be willing it is Mike Singletary who seems to like what Troy has to offer.

Singletary said of Troy “Troy Smith gives us a good opportunity to win this game,” Singletary said. “He has enough of the offense to play.” I for one hope he is right and this isnt a desperate move. Sadly though the 9ers have a bye week next week and they expect Alex Smith back after the Bye. Here is to hoping Troy has a monster game and wins the starting spot. I know I will only be eating fish and chips and Bangers and Mash this weekend to show my support for Troy.

Now all I can hope is Ted Ginn Jr also gets a start and they both can find the magic that made them both Buckeye Legends. Please football Gods allow this to happen Pretty Please.


  1. The 49ers are now officially my second favorite NFL team.

  2. I totally agree, Troy in my mind never got a fair shake in Baltimore and let’s hope he has a monster game for the 9’ers. We saw back in the day how Smith could extend the field and make things happen. Here’s to you Troy for making it in the NFL for years to come! On the same note, why is Jamaal Berry not getting more reps in the backfield this year? Please, someone give me a good argument here. Heck why not redshirt him too Jim?!? He’s a terrific talent and it pains me to read on the other OSU blog, that Sabino may go against the Gophers and forego his redshirt season. Seriously? If the coaches down in Columbus are looking to consistently put the best OSU football talent on the field week in, week out, and yes, i know the secondary could be a RichRod doppelganger right now, but our running game is NOT producing the numbers we OSU fans are used to. Yes, 49-0 against Purdue was good to see, but c’mon folks, Purdue? Putting a talent like Berry on the field behind Pryor and Herron increases our chances for taking it to the house more so than any other player in the backfield OSU has today. Yes, Hall is good and makes good plays, but Berry is special. Mark my words, Berry will blow up, and i’d hate to see it late happen later in the season when he could have been used much more in the Wisconsin game. Tressel is too conservative with his play calling and you can almost predict the calls when the game is tight. Do you think our former blood up at MSU got to 8-0 by being conservative? When you have a guy like Berry on the field, he makes conservative play calling look better because his ability alone just produces positive yards no matter what the call. Question to OSU staff. If Pryor were to go down with an injury, who would you give the ball to in order to score on a crucial game winning situation? Word to OSU coaching staff, get Berry on the field now before IOWA, have him run crazy up in Gopherland and just take pause in what this kid can do. Play him the first half please!

  3. sportsMonkey says

    What exactly are you trying to say, Jimmy?

  4. That Berry should get the green light. Our running game is a joke and if our secondary cant tackle and/or defend against the likes of Stanzi and Robinson, then at least our running game will look much more familiar to us die hards before heading into the backend of our season…

  5. Welcome back JCC!

  6. Also: I am super excited about Troy going to Ted Ginn Jr. this Sunday. Just like old times!

  7. thanks el. Me too bro. Troy back in the saddle is good to see and let’s hope he can fight, claw, and work his way into the #1 slot. Anyhow, lookin forward to seeing the Bucks at 8pm Saturday and we need that running game to get better, right now, its making Jim look terrible with his play calling, especially when we are not getting the production we are used to from years past…

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