Week #8 Open Thread (and Live Chat)

This thread is for you. The Purdue Live Chat will be located here as well. I’ll be watching the game on tape delay (Pumpkin Festival) but I’ll be joining the Live Chat once I catch up.

Hit the jump for the Live Chat


  1. Evil Tressel is out in full force lol 35-0 and not half time yet.

  2. check that 42-0 lol 30 seconds till half time. 415 total offense in first half to Purdues 44 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Didn’t watch the Purdue game but this Wisconsin @ Iowa game is shaping up as a Big Ten game of the decade, so entertaining, trick plays, fake punts, going for it on 4th and goals all the things so lacking in watching the excruciatingly painful garbage Tressel dumps on big games.
    What a game, what a 4th Q the Badgers are the real deal, amazing game!

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