Vent Thread

Well, that stunk. Kinda hard to get back into a game when you spot a team a 21-point lead, but that’s exactly what happened. SportsMonkey will be along with a game recap, but if you feel like venting, feel free in the comments.


  1. Tressel’s pathetic post game presser is quite depressing to listen to, never questions himself or his Pop Warner play calling, this guys such a sissy it rubs off on players like Posey who should have gotten reamed face to face by him all night. Pryor 14-28 156 yrds TD’s, 1 int. very sub par and Dane made him look better than he really was. Tressel again no outlet passes to TE’s in his schemes. But the most important thing was the team was not prepared for Wisconsin, the Badgers used emotion and just ran over the Bucks. That use of emotion so important in college ball is a missing piece of the puzzle that is lacking in what JT brings to his team and why it’s hard for his teams to win those few important games each season.

    A little venting and forgetaboutit.

  2. @jimmy – No doubt, lets vent and then move on. I’m not sure who else could have beat the Badgers with that mix of emotion, momentum and a first-play kick-off return TD. That’s a tough uphill climb.

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