Week #7 Preview – Wisconsin

So I was sitting here thinking about what I want to write to be objective in this preview and not be a homer. I have watched both teams play a few games already this year and both teams returned a lot of last years teams that played each other in Columbus. I have thought about it all all week and I can’t do it.

I look at the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and weigh them out and no matter how I do it the result is the same in my mind. A big win for the Buckeyes.

First, lets talk about the Wisky offense vs. the OSU defense. The Badgers run the ball and then they run it again and again and again and maybe they will let Tolzien throw the ball a few times to the TE and one or two deep balls. Wisky has two good RB’s in Clay and White. Before the season John Clay got a ton of Heisman talk but since James White started getting carries (about 40% of them per game) he has disappeared from the discussion. To the point that most Badger fans say White is the teams best RB. The Badgers are 11th in the country in rush offense. Now no matter which RB carries the ball tomorrow they have one big problem. OSU has the 4th best rushing defense in the country. They also have the 6th best scoring defense and the 3rd best Total Defense in the country. Our weakest part of the defense is the passing game and it is hardly a weakness (1st in the Big Ten and 13th nationally). No player has got 100 yards rushing on OSU in 29 games almost 3 years. There is nothing to suggest it will be any different this year.

Bottom Line: OSU defense is better than Wisky offense.

Next, the Wisky defense vs. the OSU offense. Let me just say this OSU is a pass first offense this year and they have the weapons to support a powerful passing attack. TP has great targets in Posey, Sanz, Saine, Stoneburner, and the back ups. Why is this important? Because the Badgers weakest part of their defense is Pass Defense. The Badgers are 54th in the country in pass defense. They are 22nd on rush defense and 32nd in the country in scoring defense. The Buckeyes should have no issues throwing the ball which is our main dish at the supper table. I am not sure if our RB’s will get many yards but it isn’t out of the question either. Rumor has it Pryor is 100% healthy and will have all plays available to him in the game. Which means we may see a healthy dose of TP rushes tomorrow as well.

Bottom Line: OSU offense is better than Wisky defense.

Lastly, Special Teams and the intangibles. I think the special teams is a push. OSU has gotten better and Wisky has gotten worse with injuries. The HOME CROWD is the only possible advantage I can see in this game. Turnovers, OSU defense are ball hawks and have a top 5 TO margin in the country because of it. TP hasn’t been making many mistakes and has done well under pressure. Wisky on the other doesn’t get many TOs on defense but doesn’t give up many either on offense. Jim Tressel vs Bret Bielema I won’t even debate this, it isn’t even close one uses his knowledge and experience to coach the game and Bielema uses the coaches for dummies cliff notes he has on a card in his back pocket.

Bottom Line: OSU coaching and TO battle is better than the Wisky home field advantage.

So lets open the debate and see if I am just way off or if people agree with me and this game won’t even be close. Question portion of the preview time now.

1.) Will Wisconsin get a 100 yard rusher this week against OSU and if yes who White or Clay?
2.) Pryor over/under 300 total yards on the day?
3.) Will Coach Tressel pull out a card and go for 2 points at any point during the game and point and laugh at Bielema?
4.) How Many TO’s does OSU get and give up?
5.) What is your Final score prediction?


  1. 1.) No Wisconsin wont have a single 100 yard rusher.
    2.) Over 375 yards
    3.) No he has class
    4.) They get 3 TO’s and have 1 TO
    5.) OSU wins 38-13

  2. 1. I think someone breaks 100, but barely. White gets 108.
    2. Over, 420. I think this is the game Pryor pulls away from the Heisman pack.
    3. I think Tressel wants to do it for Minnesota. Look for a 2 point conversion at some point.
    4. Defense gets 2 INTs. No offensive TO’s.
    5. OSU: 34 Wisc: 20

  3. 1.) No
    2.) Over; 310 yards
    3.) No (But he should)
    4.) Get 2 TO’s & Give up None
    5.) OSU wins 31-16 (23 if Tress lets them score late)

  4. 1. Neither back will break 100. Total rushing will be < 150
    2. 330 – 350'ish
    3. No card, he has it all memorized.
    4. We'll get 3, give up 1.
    5. OSU 27, Wisc 17

  5. 1.) Nope. I mean honestly, against that defense?
    2.) OVER. Just barely, and he’ll need combined yardage to do it.
    3.) Nah. I could see that against UofM just to get a dig at Rodriguez, though.
    4.) Buckeyes’ll get 5 and allow 1. On special teams.
    5.) Ohio State – 41
    Wisconsin – 13

  6. 1. With splitting carries between two backs, no. They will have mild success running the ball.

    2. This is Pryors offense. This is also a spotlight game for Pryor nationally. He will be unleashed. He should go way over.

    3. Nope

    4. Get 2 and give up 1.

    5. OSU-31

  7. 1.) I hope not.
    2.) Over. I’m thinking 350-ish
    3.) No. He usually hasn’t gotten the opportunity to go into Eff You mode against Wisconsin, and I fear he won’t get that opportunity tonight either.
    4.) TO’s are a crapshoot. While OSU has been good in TO ratio so far this year, all it takes is the ball bouncing the other way a couple times and it could be even. See the 2005 Cincinnati Bungles. They had a great TO ratio all season but in the game that counted (in the playoffs) they couldn’t get any. But for the sake of prediction, OSU gets 3 gives 1
    5.) 20-17*. I never feel good about games like this.

    *all predictions subject to change after the fact. The opinions of Bacon Ninja regarding the outcome of Ohio State games are purely hypothetical and do not necessarily represent his true feelings on the matter. In fact, for the purposes of supersition and jinx avoidance Bacon Ninja offers a generic prediction of Opponents 72, Ohio State 0 for every game this season, unless they are playing an SEC school in which case the prediction will change to Opponents 347, Ohio State negative 30.

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