Second look at the Indiana game.

So before the season started there was the annual Big Ten media days in Chicago. During those days, Coach Tressel said something that caused everyone in attendance to laugh. He said “he expects to be a “25 to 35 passing team,” and anything closer to that higher end could be historic.” In fact, by Tressel’s estimate, Pryor could wind up throwing the ball this season more than any quarterback in Ohio State history. No one believed him, maybe not even Pryor. Why anyone would think Tressel was joking is mind boggling at this point since one thing Tressel isn’t is a comedian. Fast forward to game 6 of the season and it is clear at least to this point that Tressel is the one having the last laugh.

For 3 years now all we have heard is Terrelle Pryor is a good running QB but a horrible passer. I think it really bothers TP to hear that and at some point he was able to convince Tressel it wasnt true and has since then worked hard to improve every aspect of that part of his game.

On Saturday he was 24 out of 30, 80%, for 334 yards and 3 TDs and 0 INTs. He also had 3 carries for -19 yards, all sacks.

On the season he is 104 out of 153, 68%, for 1349 yards and 15 TDs and 3 INTs. He has 57 carries for 354 yards and 3 TDs.

These are numbers that are surprising to almost everyone except Tressel. The guy can flat out coach and he has turned what once was an over hyped punk into a Heisman Contending Drop Back Passer. In the last 7 games alone, TP has gone from a late round project NFL draft pick after next year to a clear first day pick next year. (See Vince Young, JaMarcus Russel, and Jason Campbell if you dont believe TP is a first rounder).

He was able to pick apart a bad Indiana defense and check down to open recievers. Some may say, “so what, anyone could do that,” and I say TP couldn’t last year and that is the point. He is a completely different QB this year who can pass well and run when needed.

As for the running game folks we have a clear No. 1 RB now and a new team leading rusher on the season and it is Boom Herron: 12 carries for 68 yrds and 2 TDs. If he had more carries he would have broke 100 yards easy but we didn’t need him last week. Saine was moved to almost a slot receiver and he was great with 4 catches and 84 yards and a TD. Hall was the back up but didn’t do much. Here is where it gets tricky somehow Carlos Hyde moved up to 3rd string and was running well before he fumbled on the goal line. I was shocked to see him get more carries after that. (I think he may have naked pics of Tressel and is blackmailing him ;)) He finished a good performance with 9 carries for 48 yards and a fumble. Berry got to play and again showed great promise with 5 carries for 42 yards.

The receivers were really good with few drops and Posey and Sanzenbacher and Saine carrying the load and each getting a TD. With those 3 guys and the backups I feel great about the WR corp.

Defense as always solid and played amazing against the best passing team in the league. They absolutely shut down Chappell all game. They continue to be ball hawks getting TOs every game, in multiples. There is no real weakness and no real strength they are just solid all around and should be fine in every game. We just need to stay healty now with who we have left.

Overall I think we showed why we are the No. 1 team in the land and that a great team is always better than a great player on a bad team.

So here we come Wisky, pack your marshmallows with batteries and jump around all you want. We are coming to play a game we are more than capable of winning.


  1. Don’t you EVER utter the name Jamarcus Russell in the same article about Terrelle Pryor. I won’t stand for it.

    We have definitely seen Pryor’s mechanics improve over the past 7 games. What’s scary is that even though he has been a drop back passer 80% of the time, he’s still able to tuck and pick up pretty much any yardage he wants. That’s Halloween SCARY.

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