2010 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #6 (Draft)

I feel mostly good about this. I struggled with ranking Ohio State and Oregon. I thought about flip-flopping the two after Oregon dismantled Stanford (man, how refreshing is it to watch Jim Harbaugh get thoroughly punked?). After comparing the two resumes, I still have to give the edge to Ohio State. The two marquee games for each school (Miami and Stanford) could be viewed as a “push”. The mere fact that Ohio State didn’t play a 1-AA school gives them the slight edge.

Auburn gets the big bump due to last week’s comments urging me to rank them higher and them looking very good five weeks into the season. Michigan State got a nice little bump for their victory over Wisconsin.

Also — have I been too harsh on Stanford and Florida? I deranked those teams with a certain amount of glee.

Comments, suggestions and rebukes in the comments section, please.


  1. formerlyanonymous says

    I feel like Wisconsin should have fallen harder than Stanford or Florida. They just missed losing to Arizona State while looking lethargic. Same lethargic look on them during the Michigan State punt return. Their D and special teams seem slow to react and not very ball hungry. 70-3 over Austin Peay just doesn’t impress me either.

    And AF drops 4 after beating a solid Navy team? It must have been the jerseys, right?

  2. My only complaint is how does LSU move up after that catastrophe against a horrible Tennessee team?

  3. I agree with Rambo on LSU. They have no business being #12 after that miracle save due to Tennessee’s inability to count.

    I also think you punked Stanford too much. They’re a solid team and deserve to be a little higher than they are. Certainly above Florida.

    Also, Northwestern struggled with an atrocious Minnesota team (29-28 Wildcat win), but they jumped 8 spots in the poll.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I didn’t see how the LSU/Tenn game ended until this afternoon. I heard it ended strangely but I had no idea it ended like that. It made me sick to my stomach. I want to drop LSU out of the poll completely for that, but the rest of the SEC should take care of that for me. Could there ever be a more fraudulant 5-0 team? Maybe Northwestern?

    @FA – I struggled with AF. I know that Navy game was a big win for them, I just felt uncomfortable with them above Florida or Stanford. But they should definitely be higher than Wisconsin.

    @Eric – Like I said, it felt good demoting Jim Harbaugh’s team so emphatically. The Northwestern bump came on account of struggling to rank other one-loss teams above them. But I will reconsider them, as well.

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