Ohio State wins 36-24, could have been 42-10

So a more thorough recap of the game will come later, but a few initial thoughts:

  • It turns out, Miami really isn’t that good of a team. They have a few guys who can make plays but as a team they are as about as pedestrian as they get. It never seemed like the game was in jeopardy.
  • I feel vindicated in my feelings that Jacory Harris just isn’t the QB the media (read: ESPN) is trying to make him out to be, but I also feel bad that almost all of his interceptions weren’t directly “his fault.” I feel doubly bad for his parents being in the stands to see this disaster.
  • It’s almost looking effortless at this point for Terrelle Pryor and his control of the game. He’s look like a seasoned upperclassman out there.
  • We were a little hard on Boom last week while praising Saine. Those roles are reversed for this week and Boom looked like the better runner, running hard and following his blocks.
  • I think it’s safe to say that if anyone watching the game was wondering what this “Tresselball” is that we speak of, you can wonder no longer. It is almost frustrating in its logical soundness and its results.
  • How TURRIBL is the ACC at this point? Miami presented hardly any resistance today, Kansas handles Georgia Tech and OH THE HUGE MANATEE Virginia Tech, what have you wrought? This is going to make my next BlogPoll ballot fun!


  1. Virginia Tech makes me sad and happy at the same time: sad that UofM is no longer the only ranked team to lose to a 1aa team (at home, no less), but happy that they flashed the graphic that reminded everyone that on one glorious day in 2007, Michigan set a precedent.

  2. why is it when we beat a team they are not that good? Maybe we make ’em look bad.

  3. I’d just comment that “effortless” probably isn’t the best description of TP, this kid survives on tucking the ball and scrambling. Misfiring on 15 of 27 attempts passing is a QB struggling. For a team ranked 2nd in the nation his offense looked stagnant at times in the first half. Your right about one thing, Heyward!!! right place right time or a much closer game.

  4. What a satisfying win. All that Ohio speed was too much for Miami I guess.

    I do think Miami is actually a really good football team and that is why I’m hyped up about this win. Miami is loaded at just about every position and late in the contest threatened to make it a real game. I had flashbacks of 2005 vs. Texas again. Dominated the game, horrible redzone offense and a missed field goal, thankfully there was no Vince Young.

    Pryor was really, really good vs. Miami. 350 total yards, two touchdowns and no mistakes. He could have played better and we did see some bad throws from him today. But it was in the rain and it was against a very good, athletic defense.

    It is really, REALLY starting to irritate me that there are still a ton of Terrelle Pryor doubters out there. He is now 21-3 as a starter, has won 2 Big Ten titles, gotten OSU to 2 BCS bowl games and won the Rose Bowl last year. He just beat the 12th ranked team by accounting for 81% of the total offense and people are still complaining about him.

    In Pryor’s last 6 games he has beaten:

    #12 Miami
    #7 Oregon
    #10 Iowa
    #11 Penn State
    Hated rival Michigan

    In those games Pryor accounted for 11 touchdowns and two INT’s.

    I laugh at the people that look at Pryor’s passing completion percentage and judge his passing on that alone. People keep hating on him and all he does is win game after game after game. Unreal.

    The running game is I’m afraid going to be inconsistent all year. I don’t mean that to sound like a bad thing. One game it will be Saine, the Next Boom and the Next Pryor. Ohio State should run for around 200 yards per game and do it in different ways every game.

    The defense was very good early, but bent and almost broke late. Harris is a good QB and did show a ton of heart in attempting the comeback. It is tough to overcome those interceptions on a mental level. He almost did it.

    I really worry about the depth of the defensive line.

    The special teams were actually better than people think. 2 returns for td’s and a missed field goal are terrible, but they fought right back with 4 field goal makes and a handful of returns that setup the offense nicely (168 yards total) and had a blocked field goal. In the first two games this year there have been some very bad things to come from their special teams. But there have also been some very good things.

    This game will go a long way towards preparing Ohio State for a long Big Ten conference schedule. Moving forward the redzone offense and special teams do need to improve and the next couple games should allow OSU to shore things up. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

    PS. Until Michigan beats an actual football team…they aren’t back. Remember last year when they beat Notre Dame last second with Tater Tot…everyone said they were back. They went 5-7 after starting out 4-0. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  5. @NMU – Don’t worry, the Appalachian State upset is the gift that keeps on giving. Michigan was a Top 5 team that had no business losing. Virginia Tech was a team that had no business being in the Top 25.

    @maclaren – How do we differentiate? I’d say Miami did a good job making themselves look bad. Six to one, half a dozen to another?

    @jimmy j – I’m talking about game control, not individual plays. The offense may look stagnant, but Miami played good defense in the redzone. I’m simply saying Pryor looks comfortable in the flow of the game.

    @Johnny – Amen, brutha.

  6. For me, Virginia Tech is a perfect example of why the preseason rankings should go away forever.

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