Second Thoughts: Marshall

Upon waking up this morning and re-watching last night’s game on BTN, I decided that there were some important points that I left out of the recap. Here’s what I saw after the Miller Lite Home Draft wore off and the Advil kicked in…

I was remiss in failing to point out the game Tyler Moeller had last night. He was telegraphing his blitzes a little, but it didn’t seem to matter. Great game and a great story.

How about Dane Sanzenbacher? 3 catches for 113 yards and a TD. Not bad for what I think of as a possession receiver.

The special teams weren’t as bad as initially thought. Really all their crappy plays – the blocked PAT, the almost-missed PAT, the long kick return given up, and the blocked FG – came during the first quarter. After that they played pretty well, specifically laying the wood to the Herd’s kick returners. Also, Ben Buchanan had a pretty good night averaging 40.8 yards on 4 punts, including 2 (and just barely missing on one more) inside the 20.

I am relieved to have seen that the Buckeyes looked as good after a second look as they did at first. After re-watching the Rose Bowl countless times since January a sense of dread had become almost palpable because the game still seemed closer than the final score ended up being. Sure, Pryor was good in that game just looking at the statistics, but he made a lot of plays that still looked like vintage bad-Terrelle. Last night’s game only had a couple plays like that. It’s progress.

And finally, let’s toss it over to Marshall’s coach who was asked about TP’s whereabouts sometime during the second quarter. His response? “Down by the 40-yard line, walking on water.”


  1. Good to see you came to your senses and thought it right to give some love to Sanzenbacher, one of the most underrated receivers in teh BigTen, and Moeller.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. Give me a break. I pretty much cashed a Miller Lite Home Draft by myself Thursday night and wrote the post shortly thereafter. It’s a miracle I spelled most of the words in the post right.

    That having been said, it was an oversight on my part and I felt like an idiot for leaving the Sanzen-props out.

    Thank goodness I still had a couple of Doc Holliday lines I hadn’t yet used.

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